What Types of Degrees Can I Get Online

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Online degree programs offer much-needed flexibility for students who have additional responsibilities such as work or taking care of their families. These programs open the door to career advancement without requiring you to make time to come to the physical campus.

100% Fully Online Degree Programs at Cambridge

Cambridge is proud to offer several 100% online degree programs in both healthcare and IT. These programs enable you to start your program and end it virtually, no commuting to the campus required. Our current 100% online degree programs include:

  • Computer Networking: Computer networkers support businesses in protecting, troubleshooting and developing their computer systems. We offer both a certificate and an Associate of Science degree in Computer Networking.
  • Cyber and Network Security: Want to help organizations protect their critical data and networks from malicious attacks? This is the career for you. We offer a certificate as well as an Associate of Science degree in Cyber and Network Security.
  • Data and Project Management: From learning how to wrangle and analyze data to discovering tools for managing projects, this program delivers. We offer a certificate program and an Associate of Science in Data and Project Management degree.
  • Health Information Technology: Health information technologists work to improve patient records, analyze patient data and ensure accurate data for healthcare teams. We offer a complete Associate of Science in Health IT program for students interested in this field.
  • Medical Billing & Coding: As a medical biller and coder, you’ll bill health insurance, ensure accurate treatment coding and more. Our online certificate program prepares you for this rewarding career.

Hybrid Degree Programs Offered Through Cambridge

Cambridge also offers several hybrid degree programs. These programs include both online and on-campus study for the perfect mix of traditional classroom study and virtual study:

Learn More About Our Online Degree Programs Today

Cambridge offers a wide range of online degree programs to choose from. For help in selecting the right online program for you, reach out to an advisor by calling 877-206-4279 or send us a message. We can’t wait to help you reach your career goals!