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The Cambridge Team is working hard to develop the training programs and tools necessary to provide excellent employees for the healthcare community. It is our firm belief and integral philosophy that our programs are only as good as the employees they create. This is why we are constantly working on our programmatic content, curricular design, and learning resources. Your input is always welcomed. Moreover, tell us about your job openings and the employees you want to hire today.

Please click on the following link to contact our career services department about your specific job openings and to give us more information about your staffing needs:

[email protected] or call (877) 206-4279.

You can also apply to become an externship or clinical affiliate. We are always interested in new opportunities for our students to learn and contribute professionally to your healthcare facility. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please call (877) 206-4279 or email [email protected] to find out how.

To make an appointment to tour Cambridge call (877) 206-4279 today.


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