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The information technology (IT) industry is growing rapidly. As a result, there are so many unique career opportunities for students. Cambridge offers a wide range of IT programs covering everything from project management to health information management (HIM).

Over the years, we’ve supported thousands of students by teaching them the skills they need for successful IT careers. Here, you’ll find insights about the IT industry, information about IT careers and more.

Computer Networking

Computer networking professionals work to help professionals build, troubleshoot and maintain their critical networks. Learn more about becoming a computer networking professional by checking out these resources.

How Do I Get Started in a Computer Networking Career?

Computer networking is a fascinating field within IT. As a computer networking professional, you’ll be tasked with developing, maintaining and troubleshooting vital…

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How Much Money Can I Make With a Computer Networking Degree?

“How much money can I make with a computer networking degree?” It’s a common question we receive from aspiring computer networking students. And…

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What Jobs Are in Computer Networking?

Every organization in every industry requires the support of a computer networking professional. These computer networkers are responsible for the care and…

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Cyber and Network Security

As IT advances, so does cybercrime. Cyber and network security professionals are tasked with protecting computers and networks. Below, you’ll find insights about entry-level careers in cyber security and so much more.

Is an Associate’s Degree Enough for Cyber Security?

Are you interested in becoming a cyber security professional? Cyber security is a booming and critical field. Organizations are quickly…

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Is Cyber Security a Two-Year Degree?

Cyber security is a critical tech-based field. Many organizations are hiring cyber security professionals to protect their important data and computer systems.…

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What Degree Should I Get for Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a rapidly growing field. After all, as technology advances so do the threats. Cyber criminals use tools…

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Data and Project Management

Data analysts use data to help organizations make better business decisions. Project managers manage projects to move organizations forward. Cambridge prepares students for both career paths. Learn more by reading our resources.

Is Data Management a Major?

When you’re considering attending college, you have so many degree paths to choose from. But, if you’re looking for something…

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What Is a Data Management Degree?

All organizations in every industry use data to inform decisions, learn about their customers and so much more. However, lists…

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What Is the Role of Data Management?

One of the most important assets a business has at its disposal is data. This includes everything from customer data…

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Health Information Management

Health information managers or HIM specialists play a critical role in healthcare. Their responsibilities include ensuring records are accessible to patients and physicians and that accurate billing processes are being followed. Learn more about this unique career path by reading these resources.

What Is the Difference Between Health Information Management & Health Information Technology?

When most people think of healthcare careers, they immediately consider nursing or becoming a doctor. However, there are plenty of…

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Is Health Information Management in Demand?

Health information management professionals work to improve patient care. They’re a critical member of any healthcare organization and are required…

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Do I Need a Bachelor’s Degree for Health Information Management?

Health information management (HIM) is a growing field. After all, every patient that visits a hospital or clinic comes with…

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Health Information Technology

The patient record is important for the continuance of care. Health IT professionals are responsible for ensuring records are accurate at all times. Dive deeper into this career path by reading these resources compiled by the experts at Cambridge.

What Is the Difference Between Health Information Management & Health Information Technology?

When most people think of healthcare careers, they immediately consider nursing or becoming a doctor. However, there are plenty of…

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Is It Hard to Find a Job in Health Information Technology?

Healthcare and technology now go hand in hand. And to ensure the highest quality patient care, healthcare organizations are looking…

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What Is Health Information Management?

What is one of the most important tools in patient care? Data. Patient data and health information are critical to…

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Medical Billing & Coding

Not all healthcare careers are in direct patient care. Some, such as medical billing and coding, are just as important and behind the scenes. Medical billing and coding specialists manage patient data, take payments, bill insurance and more. Learn more below.

Can You Take Medical Billing & Coding Classes Online?

Medical billing and coding specialists work to add procedures and diagnoses into patient charts. They also bill insurances for payment…

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How Much Does Medical Billing & Coding Pay?

Medical billing and coding are critical parts of delivering excellent patient care. As a medical billing and coding specialist, you’ll code…

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Are Medical Billing & Coding Degrees Online Worth It?

Medical billing and coding is a career option that many students consider. Yet, is attending an online degree program worth it? Will…

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General IT Posts

Want to start a career in IT? Not sure which IT career path is right for you? We’re here to help. These resources include general information about the IT industry and its range of booming and rewarding career options.

Online IT Certificate Programs

Many IT students choose to attend a traditional on-campus college program. And although this works for many IT students, others…

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What Are the Fastest-Growing Careers in IT?

Information technology (IT) is a wide-open field full of opportunities. In fact, the IT field is one of the fastest-growing…

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Want a Career in IT? Here’s How to Get Started

Information technology (IT) is a rapidly growing field. After all, organizations across industries need IT professionals to keep up with the constant…

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