Cambridge Institute of Innovation

Cambridge Institute of Innovation is a strategic academic research platform focused on healthcare and technology innovations.

The Institute’s vision is to provide an innovative initiative that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to develop extraordinary solutions relating to educational and society challenges by creating economic growth and skilled jobs opportunities.

Our educational ‘Living Lab’ incubator provides innovations, leadership development, and cultivation for an entrepreneurial educational community. Cambridge Institute focuses presently on numerous aspects of:

  • Education; including general education, core curriculum, teaching techniques, simulation technology, and specific technical healthcare and information technology careers.
  • The Educational Program and Course Curriculums effect on learning and how the intended courses of study and sequences of learning opportunities creates future classroom and career successes is a special interest.
  • One of the key mission areas served is to support the creation of transformative educational experiences for our many students, clinical trainees and faculty development. With this aim in mind, we work closely with senior faculty mentors to serve as the curricular research and innovation for students, including underprivileged students enrolled.
  • Cambridge Institute further provides this platform to assist with innovation through integration and to strengthen America’s ability to innovate.
  • Cambridge Institute collaborates with leading organizations from business, education and academic research to form practical global cross-border partnerships. Cambridge is immersed in the United States of America’s competitiveness in healthcare and technology, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening cooperation among leading business, education and research organizations.

Cambridge’s Board of Directors is the principal governing body, entrusted with the strategic leadership of the Institute and the overall direction of the activities. It is independent and autonomous in its research and academic development.