Radiation Therapy Program

Radiation Therapist Training Program

Program Overview: Radiation Therapy Program

Program Overview, Radiation Therapy

The Radiation Therapy Training Program at Cambridge College of Health & Technology offers students the education and training needed to work in a healthcare facility as a professional Radiation Therapist. The two-year Associates degree program is offered both online and in classroom, allowing students to complete a portion of their studies from the comfort of their homes.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are armed with the knowledge, skills and training to pursue entry-level employment within the field of Radiation Therapy, and to take and pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Registry Examination.

Why Choose Cambridge for Radiation Therapy Training?

Students select Cambridge for Radiation Therapy training for many reasons, including the program’s:

  • Hybrid approach to learning: The Radiation Therapy training program at Cambridge is offered partially online, allowing students to work, play and live while obtaining an education. Students in the Palm Beach and Atlanta areas can enjoy a mix of in class and online learning, while obtaining the training needed to succeed in the field of Radiation Therapy.
  • Focus: The program’s curriculum is focused on the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the Radiation Therapy field. This allows students to obtain the skills and education they need in under two years.
  • Exam preparation: Students who successfully complete the Radiation Therapy training program at Cambridge are prepared for success in the workplace and in the ARRT Registry Examination. This exam certifies Radiation Therapists as qualified candidates for employment in healthcare facilities and is a requirement of many employers throughout the United States.


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Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment opportunities for Radiation Therapists are expected to grow as much as 27 percent by 2018. As radiation technology becomes safer and more effective, the treatment will be used on a more widespread basis, leading to a need for qualified individuals to administer care.

Students who complete the Radiation Therapy program at Cambridge have a wide range of employment options, including as Radiation Therapists, sales consultants for therapy equipment manufacturers, radiation therapy equipment service engineers and more.



Radiation therapy is a viable treatment for many forms of cancer. Radiation Therapists play a vital role in administering radiation therapy to patients, supporting patients and family members, and maintaining safe treatment conditions.

What Does a Radiation Therapist Do?

Radiation Therapists play a key role in the treatment of cancer patients in hospitals and medical clinics. Working with a Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Therapists are responsible for many duties, including:

  • Preparation and sterilization of radiation therapy rooms
  • Understanding and maintaining radiation safety standards
  • Monitoring and documentation of radiation treatments
  • Positioning patients for treatment
  • Applying ionizing radiation therapy to patients
  • Supporting patients throughout the delivery of care

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Upon successful completion of this program, students receive an Associates of Science Degree in Radiation Therapy

Program Summary
  • Associates of Science in Radiation Therapy
  • 2-year curriculum
  • Online and classroom learning
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