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Support for Those Who Serve

At Cambridge, we have always respected and supported the incredible contributions of our Armed Forces, and we are proud to provide the healthcare educational opportunities. Cambridge’s culture and support system helps with transitioning U.S. military veterans from effective military careers to a career in healthcare. Cambridge’s leaders can help each military veteran in advancing your career by explaining each career path for a diploma or degree from one of Cambridge’s many healthcare programs. Let’s start planning for your future and our trained professionals will help develop a specific career path for you.


A well focused education program is essential for any healthcare career! We have worked with many families transitioning from military to student life, and we have trained professionals focused on working closely with you and your family members and ensure you have access to resources that will make that transition as informative and seamless as possible. Tour a campus – or call and speak to a representative of today. We’re ready to provide the options and support your personal growth and your future professional leadership.


Cambridge can help you with the various financing options available to you and help determine which option is best for your situation. We can answer any questions you may have about the application process as well as the Federal Tuition Assistance and Top-Up Benefit programs, several tuition assistance resources are specific to the major military branches.


Cambridge offers an Institutional Scholarship which is available for veterans accepted to Cambridge Institute. This scholarship award is granted toward tuition in all programs. This scholarship may be used in conjunction with other funding sources. The Cambridge Veteran Scholarship Program is not a cash scholarship directed to students, but a scholarship that pays down the cost of tuition for those who apply and are awarded this scholarship. There are a limited number of scholarships available annually. Determination of award is based on a first come first served basis, contingent upon proving Veterans status and acceptance to Cambridge.


Cambridge’s culture is focused on helping others, by initially helping you. This culture starts at the top of our organization and follows through to each program director, faculty and staff member, they are all focused on mentoring and showing by example how healthcare leadership is done. It is all about helping you become educational and clinical successes.


Required Documentation

  • Active military: military ID
  • Veterans: DD-214
  • Spouses: Service Members military ID
  • Children: Service Members military ID
  • It is unlawful to make copies of a military ID, only visual
    confirmation is needed.

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