Medical Assistant Training Program

Diploma/Certificate in Medical Assistant

Program Overview: Medical Assistant

Program Overview, Medical Assistant

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology/Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology helps students take advantage of the opportunities provided by this growth in the field of medical assistants. Our Medical Assistant certification program arms students with the knowledge and skills needed to become marketable within their field, and to succeed in a number of healthcare settings.

The 36-week program offers students a wide range of programs, including:

  • Focused curriculum: Our Medical Assistant certification program covers the necessary materials you need to be successful in your career, without unnecessary distractions. From start to finish, students focus on developing the skills and knowledge needed to function as a medical assistant and play a key role in the delivery of patient care.
  • Hands-on approach: Cambridge College offers a truly hands-on learning experience. In addition to classroom instruction, students are offered the hands-on training necessary to perform a wide range of clinical procedures, including medication administration, injections, EKGs, assisting with minor surgical procedures, phlebotomy and more.

The Medical Assistant Certification Program is offered at our Palm Beach area, Orlando area and Atlanta area campuses.

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Job Outlook

Employment for Medical Assistants is expected to grow faster than the national average for all other occupations—as much as 34 percent from 2008 to 2018.



As a certified Medical Assistant, you’ll be qualified to work in a wide variety of healthcare facilities, including: physician’s offices, outpatient medical facilities, hospitals and clinics.

What Does a Certified Medical Professional Do?

As a certified medical assistant, you are likely to conduct a wide range of care tasks under the supervision of physicians, including:

  • Prepping patients for exams
  • Charting vital signs
  • Performing injections and minor surgical procedures
  • Coding and billing insurance procedures


As a certified Medical Assistant, you’ll be qualified to work in a wide variety of healthcare facilities, including: physician’s offices, outpatient medical facilities, hospitals and clinics.

How To Become A Certified Medical Professional

Completing this program and earning your diploma/certificate at Cambridge takes 46 weeks. You will then be ready to take your certification exam(s). You have two ways to become certified, specializing in one or all areas of your medical education:

1. Medical Assistant Certification

Students who complete the Medical Assistant program at Cambridge are eligible to sit for the RMA, CMA and NCCT national registry and certification examinations. Additionally, students are eligible to site for the Phlebotomy and EKG NCCT certification examinations.

While these credentials are not necessary for employment as medical assistants, such credentials can be earned after graduation.

2. Basic X-Ray Operator Certification (Licensure)

Upon graduation of X-ray component of the program at Cambridge, students may take the Basic X-Ray Machine Operator licensure exam in the state of Florida (BXMO).

Earning one or both areas of medical certification requires hard work, dedication and a commitment to your future. Rest assured, the professionals at Cambridge are ready to assist and support you through every step of your journey. We are always focused on your personal and professional success.