Associate of Science (ASN) Nursing Program

Program Overview

Program Overview, Associate of Science in Nursing
Get the Education, Training & Insight You Need to Become a Registered Nurse

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program provides the training and education you need to begin your career as a registered nurse. The 90-week program offers:

  • Classroom learning lead by qualified instructors
  • Hands-on experience at clinical healthcare facilities
  • Mentorship from experienced professionals active in the nursing field
  • Preparation for the NCLEX-RN exam

Upon successful completion of the two-year nursing degree program, graduates are ready to apply for state licensure and examination, and seek entry-level employment as registered nurses.

Choose the Campus Location that Fits Your Needs

We are happy to offer our Associate of Science in Nursing program at several locations, including our campuses in:

  • Delray Beach: Located in the Palm Beach area, our Delray Beach campus offers multiple classrooms, advanced healthcare technology and extensive learning and collaboration opportunities. Explore our Delray Beach campus curriculum for more information on programming.

Each of our school campus locations offers a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment in which to learn, network and hone skills vital to the registered nursing profession.


ASN Program FAQ
Palm Beach 2 Year Nursing Degree Experience


Create the Foundation for a Long, Rewarding Career

As a registered nurse, or RN, you will work directly with physicians, other nurses, and healthcare professionals to provide and coordinate care for patients dealing with various health conditions. RNs also play a key role in educating patients and families on medical treatment options while acting as emotional support during trying times.

Individuals seeking employment in the registered nursing field do so in a rising job market for medical care professionals. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the demand for registered nurses is on a significant rise, and will continue this upswing for the foreseeable future. Between 2012 and 2022, the number of registered nurses employed in the United States is expected to increase by 19 percent.

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Student Learning Outcomes

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