The Admissions Team at Cambridge College Is Here to Help

The explosive growth within the healthcare field has opened the doors for qualified candidates to begin rewarding careers in positions ranging from nursing to diagnostic imaging. At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, we are here to help you earn the education and training you need to pursue a rewarding career in the booming healthcare field.

How Our Admissions Professionals Can Help You

Our admissions experts are here to offer advice on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Curriculum options: Choosing the best education plan for your career goals can be difficult. Our admissions team offers personalized advice on available program options and provides the guidance you need to create the best education plan for your future.
  • Program requirements: Each of the healthcare programs offered by Cambridge College have their own unique admission requirements. We are here to help you understand the specific requirements for your chosen program, and can offer advice on the best ways to gather the documentation needed to address requirements.
  • The enrollment process: Applying for a healthcare education program is an exciting, but sometimes complicated process. We’re here to help you understand the application and enrollment process, and the information you will need to get started.
  • Financial aid options: Students often have many financial aid options available to them if they qualify, including public and private loans, grants and more. We offer the personalized advice you need to understand your financial aid options and how to apply for funding.
  • Career planning: Throughout your education, we are always available to offer advice on planning your career after graduation. From externships to additional program registration, we’re here to ensure you are on the path towards success.
Get Personalized Advice From Our Admissions Team

Whatever support or guidance you need to begin your education and training at Cambridge, our Admissions Team is here to offer it. For help choosing a program, completing the admissions process or planning your time at Cambridge College, contact us today.