Cambridge’s Vision

Healthcare & Information Technology Are Changing

Cambridge is a leading “student-centered” educator for the next generation of allied health and IT professionals. Healthcare & Information Technology are changing. Future professionals need to be patient-centered and savvy about business in ways their predecessors simply couldn’t. At Cambridge, we’re leading the way in educating the next generation of medical and IT related professionals.

Healthcare Is ChangingWe do that by putting students at the center of the educational process. We empower every individual to be their best as they take responsibility for confronting the challenges of healthcare and IT. We inspire them to pursue the future with dedication and a strategy for achievement in their careers and every frontier of their lives.

Cambridge addresses students’ needs from admissions through graduation and beyond. We offer infrastructure support, academic opportunities and direct assistance in addressing a graduate’s launch to their career or continued graduate studies. We focus on developing professionalism and acumen in every skill they learn.

Infrastructure support at Cambridge ensures that students receive academic advising, academic monitoring, financial aid counseling and assistance, e-classrooms, technology support and libraries. Our student academic opportunities are both instructional and research-focused to prepare students for their present educational goals and aspirations as well as for future educational opportunities.

Energizing Students

Energizing StudentsCambridge energizes students for their career not only with counseling and placement but also externships, clinical rotations, community engagement and leadership development. Our faculty, staff and students collaborate with community partners to provide the best quality clinical internships for our students that address societal issues.

Cambridge strives to be the best “student-centered” health and information technology school both locally and as we grow throughout the southeastern part of the United States. We keep our entrepreneurial spirit central in all that we do in order to drive innovation and a creative edge in our classroom and hybrid educational delivery, as well as our student services.

Cambridge is culturally diverse, equitably balancing teaching, student improvement and professional growth through engaging clinical practice in a variety of healthcare and IT settings.

We teach our graduates to demonstrate ethical leadership as healthcare or IT professionals. We are committed to anticipating and adapting to meet the ever-changing future environment and needs while addressing current opportunities.

Just as medical and IT knowledge continues to expand, so does our curriculum. We’re known for being a thought leader, improving academic programs and advancing healthcare and IT practices. We continue to grow by having innovative health and IT related programs that are recognized for excellence and are in demand in the community at large.


The mission of Cambridge is to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing excellent training to traditional and nontraditional students in the healthcare and IT fields. Cambridge’s desire is to develop students for lifelong and continued education and is dedicated to assisting adult students in their career opportunities.

The Goals and Objectives published in the institutional catalog are as follows:

  • Cambridge’s aim is to enrich the student’s education through comprehensive training, which is essential to meet the demands of medical offices, hospitals, medical centers and clinics.

An integral part of achieving our goals is through:

  • The promotion of self-discipline and self-motivation;
  • Attracting and retaining effective and qualified instructors;
  • Offering sound diploma programs; and,
  • The development of students individual & professional growth which includes interpersonal communication, critical thinking and problem solving competencies.

The Educational Philosophy adhered to by the institution is as follows:

It is the philosophy of Cambridge to encourage students to become lifelong learners and to excel in their chosen allied healthcare or IT profession.