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Explore the Beauty of Our Palm Beach/Delray Campus

The Palm Beach area campus of Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is located on the campus of the Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach. The campus is easily accessible from anywhere in the Palm Beach area and offers students a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

Students attending our Palm Beach area campus enjoy many benefits and amenities, including:

  • Supportive staff: Every member of the Palm Beach campus staff, from advisors to administrative members, is committed to your success. Whenever you need assistance, support or guidance, our staff members are there to provide it.
  • Experienced faculty: Our Palm Beach campus employs faculty and staff with a wide range of healthcare backgrounds. This diverse experience gives students a unique insight into the many aspects of the medical field.
  • Cutting-edge lab facilities: Our Palm Beach area campus is home to a cutting-edge medical technology lab that includes the latest in imaging, diagnostic and treatment equipment. The technology lab offers students hands-on training on the equipment currently used in the field. Lab facilities include energized x-ray, computerized radiography, ultrasound and practical nursing equipment.
  • Clinical and externship programs: We’ve partnered with many of the leading medical facilities in the Palm Beach area to develop a number of clinical and externship programs. These programs allow students to gain valuable experience and insight in real-world healthcare settings.
  • Learning aids: The Palm Beach campus offers a fully equipped library of case studies, reference books, and audio-visual aids to supplement classroom instruction and research. Students needing additional study assistance can meet with their instructors in the library, one of the on-site offices or the campus break room.

In addition to the educational and logistical benefits of attending our Palm Beach campus, students also enjoy close proximity to a wide range of restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment venues and beaches.

Choose From a Wide Range of Healthcare Programs in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach campus is home to a number of healthcare education programs, including:

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Whatever your career goals may be, we are sure you’ll fall in love with our Palm Beach area campus. To schedule a tour, or to discuss your career goals in the Palm Beach area, contact an advisor today.