Our Commitment to Students

Cambridge Health
Nurturing the Future of the Healthcare Field

At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology and Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology, we firmly believe that it is our duty and responsibility to arm students with the education, skills and tools needed to succeed in the modern healthcare field. That philosophy is a driving force behind every interaction, strategic decision and program offering.

Here’s a look at what Cambridge has to offer to help you succeed you as a student, and as a healthcare professional.

A Wide Range of Program Options 

Cambridge really does have a program for just about anyone interested in a career in the healthcare field. Whether you plan to become a medical assistant, radiologic technologist or certified nursing assistant, or dream of one day becoming a Registered Nurse, we have a program that supports your goals.

We’ve worked diligently to ensure that every program’s curriculum offers the training and knowledge you need to pass any necessary examinations or obtain professional certifications from organizations like ARRT.

We also offer flexible learning opportunities, including classroom instruction, hands-on clinical training, online courses and hybrid programs.

Personal Attention and Support From Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff provide the personalized attention you need to overcome learning challenges or learn more about your career options. From advisors to instructors, every staff member maintains an open-door policy and makes themselves available to offer the real-world advice and support you need to succeed in your education and future career.

Hands-On Learning With the Latest Technology

Throughout your education, you’ll have hands-on access to the latest in medical technology and equipment. Get a jumpstart on your career by learning and training on the machines and tools you’ll use to complete the responsibilities and duties of your chosen profession.

Networking and Job Assistance

Providing you with a quality education and learning experience is just our first goal – we also want you to succeed in your chosen career. To make that possible, we offer many networking and job fair events. Even before you complete your education, you’ll have the chance to make connections and explore employment opportunities that may jumpstart your career.

Get Started With Your Education at Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology & Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology

The demand for qualified healthcare professionals is on the rise across the country. Now is the time to take the steps toward a rewarding career in the medical field. Contact an advisor today to discuss your career goals and employment options.