Earn Your IT Degree at Cambridge

The information technology (IT) industry offers many unique career paths for students, including everything from project management to network security. To help you reach your IT career goals, Cambridge offers many IT programs that will prepare you for the field.

The IT Industry Is Growing Fast

Technology continues to evolve each day. Every organization, from hospitals to business offices, needs IT professionals to protect their networks, troubleshoot computer systems and manage IT projects.

As a result of this need, IT careers are growing fast. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT occupations are expected to grow by 13% between now and 2030, which is faster than average for all other occupations.

Our IT Degree & Diploma Programs

Now’s the time to take advantage of IT industry growth and start your new career. Cambridge’s IT degree and diploma programs are offered 100% online, so you can have the work/life/school balance you need for success.

Certificate & Diploma Programs

Want to get started in the field right away? Our certificate and diploma programs take approximately one year to complete from start to finish. The programs we offer include:

Associate’s Degree Programs

For more in-depth study and a chance to further their career, many students choose to attend one of our Associate’s degree programs. These programs take approximately two years to complete and offer everything from general study to complex IT courses. Our Associate’s degree programs include:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Many IT positions require a Bachelor’s degree due to the complex nature of the field. Plus, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree sets you apart from other candidates and gives you all of the knowledge you need for IT career success. Our Bachelor’s degree programs include:

At Cambridge, we’re dedicated to your career success. From skilled instructors to study assistance and hands-on training, you’ll have access to everything you need to start your new IT career with confidence.

Start Your IT Career Today With Cambridge

Cambridge is proud to offer these programs to students aspiring to enter the wide-open field of IT. To learn more about our programs or to apply today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.