Earn Your IT Degree at Cambridge

The IT programs at Cambridge help you develop the necessary technical skills for a successful IT career. All of our IT programs are 100% online and offer an interactive, hands-on experience to prepare you for the IT industry. 

Students can choose between a certificate, Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in various IT fields. Each program gives students access to exam preparation for essential IT certifications that help them stand out to future employers.

How to Expand Your Skills With an IT Degree

Choose Your Specific IT Field

We offer a wide range of programs for in-demand IT fields, including Computer Networking, Cyber and Network Security, Data Management and Health Information Technology.

Decide Your Program Level

Many of our specific IT fields provide multiple program levels, including a certificate, Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree. This allows students the opportunity to choose the amount of schooling that best fits their needs.

Develop Your IT Skills

Throughout each program, you’ll build a strong foundation in essential IT concepts. Each program provides an interactive online classroom, hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn niched-down skills. 

The number of skills you develop will be based on your program level. The higher the level, the more you can boost your credentials for future employment advancement. 

Discover Which IT Program Is Right for You

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs give you the foundational knowledge you need to gain entry-level employment in IT right away. These courses can be completed in less than a year and include the following:

  • Certificate in Cyber and Network Security: Develop your skills in risk assessment and digital forensics so you can safeguard systems and data for various organizations, including healthcare-related businesses.

Associate’s Degrees

Level up your IT credentials with an Associate’s degree. You’ll gain specialized knowledge and round out your skills with general education classes. We offer the following IT Associate’s degree programs:

  • Computer Networking: Along with technical knowledge to work with operating systems and networks, you’ll also develop skills to succeed in the customer service and healthcare industries.
  • Cyber and Network Security: In addition to learning how to safeguard networks, data and infrastructure, you’ll also demonstrate your abilities in a variety of cyber security skills, including ethical hacking and network device security.
  • Health Information Technology: Blend your passions for IT and healthcare by learning how to manage patient information and data. The many skills you’ll develop include coding, data protection and patient information analysis.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A Bachelor’s degree provides you with advanced knowledge about complex IT concepts and helps open the door to leadership and administrative positions. Our online IT Bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in 75 weeks and include:

  • Computer Networking: Go beyond the basics of computer networking by developing your skills in cloud applications, software engineering and more.
  • Cyber and Network Security: Learn in-depth cyber security concepts such as technology ethics, cloud security and more. You’ll also develop your project management and leadership skills for IT businesses.
  • Health Information Management: Improve patient outcomes through the field of IT. You’ll learn how to utilize healthcare software, accurately analyze patient records, and bill and code patient information in this program.

Why Choose Cambridge for Your IT Program?

Completing an IT program at Cambridge offers students many benefits, such as:

  • Flexible, online programming: Our IT programs are offered 100% online. Whether you’re doing a certificate program or Bachelor’s degree, you’ll receive a quality education right from the comfort of your home.
  • Cost savings: Since our IT programs are carried out online, they don’t require physical infrastructure. This means online programs cost less than in-person programs, which translates to cost savings for each student. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about commuting.
  • IT certification preparation: IT certifications display your expertise to future employers. Rather than attempting these exams without guidance, our students receive exam preparation throughout the program.
  • Career coaching and job placement services: Our Career Services department provides access to important services such as resume creation, interview preparation and job placement services.

Career Outlook for the IT Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment in the IT field is projected to grow 13% between 2020 and 2030. As technology evolves, trained and educated professionals in this field will continue to be in demand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Programs

What Is an IT Degree?

An Information Technology (IT) degree helps students develop skills in computing technologies and networks. It involves learning how to secure, manage and transport data, working with physical hardware and software, and discovering the basics of cloud and operating systems.

How Long Does it Take to Get an IT Degree?

The time it takes to complete an IT degree varies based on the level you choose and the number of classes you take at a time. Here’s an estimate of how long it takes to complete each program level:

  • Certificate program: 60 weeks
  • Associate’s degree: 75 weeks
  • Bachelor’s degree: 75 weeks
What Can You Do With an IT Degree?

An IT degree opens the door to working with an organization’s technological infrastructure and assets. Many industries need IT professionals, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Finance
What Are Some Career Options for Cambridge’s IT Programs?

Besides the many industries you can work in, the employment options for an IT position are numerous. Some titles include:

  • Systems analyst
  • Cryptographer
  • Cloud security specialist
  • Data and project manager
  • Network engineer
  • Health information manager
  • Cloud infrastructure architect
  • IT coordinator
  • Data quality manager
Are the Courses Available Online?

All of our IT programs are offered 100% online, which means you can be an IT student at Cambridge regardless of your geographic location in the US.