Giving the Gift of Education

Education Gift

During the holiday season, everyone has a different opinion on what makes the perfect gift. Some people prefer clothing due to its longevity and use. Other people like to gift desserts or food to create sweet holiday memories.

Whatever your idea of the perfect present may be, there’s no doubt about the value of the gift of education, whether for yourself or a loved one.

The True Value of an Education in the Healthcare Field

An education in the medical field offers great value and benefits, including:

  • A rewarding career: Working in the medical field is often a rewarding experience. Providing care to patients and families dealing with medical issues offers a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment every day.
  • A competitive income: Careers in the medical field often provide a competitive wage, especially as you gain experience and new skills. The income from an entry-level position in the field is competitive with other industries that require more education or training.
  • Stability and opportunity: The medical industry is growing at a rapid pace; many of the industry’s jobs have experienced record growth in the last decade. Countless studies project the demand for qualified nurses, diagnostic technologists and medical assistants to continue to grow, making the medical field one of the most stable and exciting areas of employment for people considering a future career.
  • Lasting relationships: Many students in the various nursing, diagnostic imaging, and medical assistant programs at Cambridge create lifelong friendships with fellow students and instructors. These friendships benefit our students both personally and professionally, now and in the long-run.

Some presents can create a memory, but education truly is the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime.

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