What Cambridge IT Program Is Right for You

What Cambridge IT Program Is Right for You?

Completing a reputable IT program can open the door to all sorts of positions. As you explore your options, you’ll probably wonder which program is right for you. This information will help you in the decision-making process.

Choose an IT Program That Aligns With Your Interests

Ask yourself where your interests lie, and find a program that best matches those interests. Since IT presents a wide variety of specialties to pursue, exploring what you’ll learn in each program will help you make your choice.

Are You Interested in Analyzing, Building and Improving Systems?

If you love problem-solving, improving efficiency and designing technological solutions, then you may want to consider the following programs:

  • Computer Networking: A program in computer networking will give you the ability to understand and navigate hardware, software and networks. From analyzing data to designing effective systems, you’ll contribute to the smooth operations of an organization. The three different levels include a certificate, an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Cyber and Network Security: Cyber and network security programs give you the skills to safeguard technology. From ethical hacking techniques to devising safety procedures, you’ll help secure the data and systems of organizations and individuals. You can pursue this field with a certificateAssociate’s or Bachelor’s degree.
  • Health Information Technology: Want to bring your IT skills to a healthcare environment? This program offers you that opportunity. You’ll learn how to analyze patient data, code records and protect critical data.

Are You Interested in a Management Role?

From healthcare to marketing, there are all sorts of industries that need effective leaders with technological knowledge. If you know IT is where you want to be and are interested in a leadership role, consider the following programs:

  • Data Management and Analytics: This Bachelors Program prepares you to support organizations by managing and analyzing important data. You’ll learn how to design and implement a database environment, how to script and program, and how to visualize data for an audience. As a data manager, you’ll be a critical part of the decision-making process.
  • Data and Project Management: From computer software fundamentals to technology in healthcare, you’ll learn how to lead projects and manage data in this two-year program. Besides working with data science, you’ll also develop your skills in health information management, business accounting and human resources.

Not Sure Which IT Program Is Right for You? Connect With Cambridge Today!

Deciding on an IT program is a big decision, but you don’t have to make it alone. At Cambridge, we can answer your questions and help you sort through our many IT program options. Have a conversation with us today by calling 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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