How to Study IT at Home

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Thinking about developing your skills in Information Technology? With so many options to consider, finding out how to study IT at home can feel daunting.

While there are many free coding and technology programs, these programs will only get you started with basic skills. That’s why an official online program is worth considering. 

Let’s discover the many advantages of remote IT programs and how they can help you launch the next phase of your career.

Gain IT Credentials From the Comfort of Your Home

Online Classes to Keep You on Track

Our online classes are designed to help you get hands-on experience and in-class interaction. Connect with classmates and ask your teachers questions during and outside of class time through our online platforms. Instead of going at it alone at an undetermined pace, you’ll learn sophisticated IT skills in a set length of time alongside a supportive community.

Essential IT Certifications

Online IT programs at Cambridge include exam prep for relevant IT certifications. These certifications help you hit the ground running once you graduate and open the door to many IT jobs. Rather than tackling these certification exams by yourself, you’ll have experienced IT teachers to help you prepare.

Job Placement Services

Learning IT at home is just the first step. Next, you have to find the right job. At Cambridge, all of our online students receive career coaching and job placement services to help them find entry-level employment.

Online IT Programs to Jumpstart your Career

Computer Networking

This online program prepares you for a career in computer network support and administration. Learn the operation, configuration, and troubleshooting of current operating systems, hardware and devices. Choose between a certificateAssociate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Cyber & Network Security

From protecting data to building safe networks, you’ll learn everything at home for this in-demand career. You’ll develop skills in information security methods, ethical hacking and software analysis. Pursue a certificate, an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree.

Data Management & Analytics

If you’re interested in helping businesses leverage their data, you may want to become a data scientist through the Data Management & Analytics program. From designing databases to visualizing data, you’ll acquire all the skills and credentials required for a successful career.

Data & Project Management

Develop your leadership and technology skills simultaneously with a certificate or Associate’s degree. You’ll learn how to analyze and visualize data while gaining other skills such as office management and accounting. 

Health Information Technology

Become an integral team member in the healthcare field with this Associate’s degree program. You’ll learn how to protect critical data, maintain and analyze patient records and record medical information.

Kickstart Your IT Career With Cambridge’s Online Programs

Ready for a rewarding career in IT? Cambridge might be the perfect next step. We offer 100% online programs to best suit your needs. Find out which program is right for you by calling us today at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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