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At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, we offer a variety of unique healthcare programs to jumpstart your medical career. Whether you want to provide direct patient care in a hospital or work behind the scenes at a clinic, we’ll give you the education and training to be a qualified healthcare professional. Our programs include online and in-person certificate programs, Associate programs and Bachelor programs.

Expand Your Skills With a Healthcare Degree

Choose a Certificate, Associate or Bachelor Program

We have a wide range of healthcare program options with different levels of credentials. Choose between a certificate, Associate or Bachelor’s program in an area that aligns with your interests and professional goals. If you need help exploring your options, our supportive staff is here to help you navigate our programs.

Learn the Skills for a Successful Healthcare Career

Each of our programs gives you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to have a rewarding career. From learning patient care techniques to administrative tasks, our in-depth curriculum will set you up for success. You’ll learn the most current healthcare techniques and receive the necessary training to qualify you for entry-level employment.

Go Beyond the Basics

From hands-on training to clinical externships, we ensure students receive practical experience to apply toward their future careers. We also prepare you for any necessary certifications and exams for your chosen healthcare field. Plus, our instructors are experienced medical professionals who provide real-world insight to our students.

Find a Healthcare Program That’s Right for You

Certificate and Diploma Programs

Medical Assistant

Over 36 weeks, our medical assistant program teaches you how to provide direct patient care. You’ll gain the skills to perform various duties, including preparing patients for tests, scheduling patient appointments and doing minor procedures.

Medical Billing and Coding

Our medical billing and coding program lasts for 38 weeks and is offered 100% online. You’ll learn how to translate medical information into codes for insurance billing and reimbursement.

Nursing Assistant

Student  in our nursing assistant program learn how to contribute to patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. Program topics include administering medications, checking vital signs and caring for wounds.

Phlebotomy Technician

Students in our phlebotomy technician program learn how to support medical professionals during the diagnostic process. A variety of skills are covered over the 11-week program, including how to draw and test blood samples, how to perform venipunctures and how to prepare bodily fluids for testing.

Associate’s Degree Programs

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Learn how to use imaging and testing equipment to examine parts of the body in our diagnostic medical sonography program. Over 90 weeks, you’ll cover topics like sonography anatomy, medical terminology and sonography instrumentation.

Health Information Technology

Offered 100% online, our health information technology program prepares you to analyze patient information and accurately enter data into records and systems. This program lasts for 75 weeks and includes topics such as medical terminology and health information systems.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Our medical laboratory technician program gives you the necessary skills to assist healthcare professionals with performing medical tests. During the 75-week program, you’ll learn medical terminology and how to use lab equipment and collect specimens.


Students can become registered nurses through our two-year nursing program. From providing patient care to understanding the different nursing specialties, you’ll gain the fundamental skills to work as an RN in a variety of healthcare settings.

Radiation Therapy

The curriculum for our two-year radiation therapy program is offered both online and in-classroom, allowing some of your studies to be completed from home. This program teaches you how to work with cancer patients and deliver radiation treatment.

Radiologic Technology

Over the course of two years, our radiologic technologist training program teaches you how to safely perform diagnostic imaging procedures on patients. Topics include using x-rays, radiation protection and medical terminology.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Health Information Management

Discover how to improve patient outcomes through our health information management program. From project management to organizational leadership, you’ll learn how to effectively manage processes and analyze records over 75 weeks.


Whether you’re already working as a nursing assistant, LPN or associate prepared RN, you can level up your nursing skills and advancement potential through our four-year nursing program. You’ll advance your skills through extensive clinical experiences, courses in leadership and public health curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Get a Healthcare Degree?

Our healthcare programs can take anywhere from a few months to four years. Most certificate and diploma programs take less than a year. Associate programs take up to two years, and Bachelor programs can be completed within four years.

What Are the Different Healthcare Degrees at Cambridge?

Certificate and Diploma Programs
Associate’s Degree Programs
Bachelor’s Degree Programs

What Can You Do With a Healthcare Degree?

A healthcare degree will allow you to work in a variety of healthcare settings. No matter which healthcare program you choose, it will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to gain entry-level employment. Depending on your program, your degree can also open doors to future career advancement.

What Are the Career Options for Cambridge’s Healthcare Programs?

The majority of our programs are geared toward specific career paths. For instance, our nursing program will start your career as a registered nurse. Our radiation therapy program prepares you to be a radiation therapist. To find out your career options, you can explore the program pages and review their career profiles.

Are the Healthcare Courses Available Online?

The following programs are offered completely online:

The following healthcare program is offered through a hybrid model:

Healthcare Career Outlook

Healthcare is a booming industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in healthcare is projected to grow 13% between 2021 and 2031, with two million job openings expected. About 1.9 million job openings are expected each year over the decade on average.

The average annual wage for healthcare workers and technical occupations was

was $75,040 in May 2021. For healthcare support occupations, the average yearly wage was $29,880 in May 2021.

Why Choose Cambridge

  • Hands-on training: From practicing procedures to clinical externships, we give you opportunities to work in a real-world healthcare setting and gain practical experience.
  • In-depth curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to address the most up-to-date developments in the healthcare industry. You’ll learn everything you need to know and receive the training you need to pass your required certification exams.
  • Supportive faculty and staff: At Cambridge, we’re invested in your success. Our qualified instructors and staff are here to help you excel in your program and set you up for professional success.
  • Career support and job placement services: Through our Career Services department, you’ll find the support you need to achieve an entry-level position after graduation. From career coaching to resume prep, we help set you up for career success.