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Cambridge’s Medical Assistant diploma program delivers the education and hands-on training you need for success as a Medical Assistant. Once you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to take the Medical Assistant certification exam as well as the Basic X-Ray Operator certification exam for entry-level employment.

Our Medical Assistant program only takes approximately 36 weeks to complete. This means you’ll be able to start your medical career in less than a year.

What Is a Medical Assistant?

A certified medical assistant, also known as a CMA works under the supervision of physicians and nurses. As a medical assistant, you’ll work in direct patient care, performing tasks such as prepping patients for exams, performing minor procedures and scheduling patient appointments.

Medical Assistant Work Environments

Medical assistants are found anywhere patient care is completed. This includes facilities such as hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, specialty clinics, critical care facilities, emergency departments and more.

Why Choose Cambridge?

Each year, Cambridge helps many students start their careers in healthcare. We’re proud to offer many benefits such as:

  • Hands-on training: Our clinical externship program allows you to work in a real-world healthcare setting, so you can gain hands-on experience.
  • In-depth curriculum: Our curriculum has been specifically tailored to fit the ever-evolving healthcare environment. You’ll learn everything you need to know for career success. Plus, you’ll receive the training you need to pass your required certification exams.
  • Career support: Through our Career Services department, you’ll find the support you need to achieve an entry-level position after graduation.


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As a certified Medical Assistant, you’ll be qualified to work in a wide variety of healthcare facilities, including: physician’s offices, outpatient medical facilities, hospitals and clinics.

What Does a Certified Medical Professional Do?

As a certified medical assistant, you are likely to conduct a wide range of care tasks under the supervision of physicians, including:

  • Prepping patients for exams
  • Charting vital signs
  • Performing injections and minor surgical procedures
  • Coding and billing insurance procedures

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What Is the Job Outlook for Medical Assistants?

As a medical assistant, you’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of many patients. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of a fast-growing career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant careers are expected to grow by 18% between now and 2030, which is much faster than average growth for other occupations.

Medical Assistant Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for a medical assistant is $35,850 per year or $17.23 per hour. Depending on your employer and area of employment, your salary could be higher or lower. Plus, you may receive benefits such as health insurance and PTO.

Medical Assistant Curriculum

While you study through Cambridge, you’ll learn subject matter spanning from medical terminology to phlebotomy. You’ll also take advantage of our clinical externship program, giving you hands-on training through local healthcare facilities.

Medical Assistant Certification Courses

  • Heath Core and Body Systems
  • Medical Office Process
  • Financial & Insurance Office
  • Anatomy / Physiology / Related Diseases
  • Electrocardiography
  • Pharmacology/ Medication Administration
  • Phlebotomy
  • Clinical Procedures
  • Medical Assisting Externship


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As a certified Medical Assistant, you’ll be qualified to work in a wide variety of healthcare facilities, including: physician’s offices, outpatient medical facilities, hospitals and clinics.

How To Become A Certified Medical Professional

Completing this program and earning your diploma/certificate at Cambridge takes 46 weeks. You will then be ready to take your certification exam(s). You have two ways to become certified, specializing in one or all areas of your medical education:

1. Medical Assistant Certification

Students who complete the Medical Assistant program at Cambridge are eligible to sit for the RMA, CMA and NCCT national registry and certification examinations. Additionally, students are eligible to site for the Phlebotomy and EKG NCCT certification examinations.

While these credentials are not necessary for employment as medical assistants, such credentials can be earned after graduation.

2. Basic X-Ray Operator Certification (Licensure)

Upon graduation of X-ray component of the program at Cambridge, students may take the Basic X-Ray Machine Operator licensure exam in the state of Florida (BXMO).

Earning one or both areas of medical certification requires hard work, dedication and a commitment to your future. Rest assured, the professionals at Cambridge are ready to assist and support you through every step of your journey. We are always focused on your personal and professional success.

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Certificate Program Financial Aid

Cambridge offers various financial aid options to help you finance your education. Some of these options include:

  • Pell Grants
  • Stafford Loans
  • Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)
  • Scholarships
  • Veteran Benefits

Worried about paying for school? Our team will support you through the financial aid application process, so you can start your program worry-free.

Student Testimonials

Medical Assistant Testimonial
Jasmin Nieves

I started August 2018 and my experience there so far has been exciting I learned a lot! I made a lot of new friends, no one there was judgmental. I had one amazing teacher, Mrs. Washington who helped us, gave us advice, and was always there. She shows that she really cares about her students and just wants us to succeed.

Eric Abbott

I want to thank the entire staff at Cambridge, I felt like I passed my prime age, wasted it by working for a good company, but not getting the brain food I so hungrily wanted. Mrs. Alana Washington! You are an incredible instructor and helped me understand the material in a way that I was able to process even while I was sleeping at home.

Medical Assistant Testimonial
Loretta L Cannon

My favorite instructor is Mrs. Washington. She is very motivating, caring and genuine. You can see the passion she has for her career and most importantly, her student’s success. The very first day of meeting her she made it very clear that all she wanted was to make sure that the goal was I succeed and be great at what I wanted to do.

Amy Allen

Thank you, Cambridge for great teachers, staff and learning programs. Thank you Mrs. Washington for all your hard work and dedication.


FAQs About Our Medical Assistant Program

What Is a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants support healthcare professionals in patient care. For example, you might help deliver injections or support physicians as they perform in-office procedures and treatment. Medical assistants also perform office duties such as scheduling patient appointments and returning patient phone calls.

How Do I Become a Medical Assistant?

To become a medical assistant, you’ll first need to obtain your high school diploma and attend an accredited college or university program. After finishing your program, you’ll need to take and pass the Medical Assistant certification exam. When you receive a passing score, you’ll be eligible for entry-level employment.

Is Medical Assistant a Good Career?

Yes! Each day, you’ll support healthcare professionals in delivering life-saving patient care. And you can trust that there will always be a position for you as healthcare will always be a requirement. Plus, as you gain experience, there will be options for further career advancement.

Read More at our Medical Assistant Program FAQ Page

Start Your Medical Assistant Career With Cambridge

Cambridge is the place to get your medical assistant certification. You can start your medical career in just 36 weeks. To learn more about the program or to apply today, call us at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.