Healthcare Job Opportunities for Graduating Computer Networking Students

The US population is aging rapidly. Healthcare reform is a constant. And the healthcare industry continues to make a slow but steady push toward adopting electronic records and digital and wireless medical devices. All the signs point to the healthcare industry as a solid, long-term career option for computer networking graduates. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why computer networking and IT skills, in general, should be in demand in healthcare for many years to come, and what kind of jobs a graduate could expect to find early in his or her career.

Healthcare Tops the List of Fastest-Growing Industries

One big reason why healthcare is so attractive for computer networking graduates is the fact that healthcare is growing at an extraordinary pace. Robert Half, one of the country’s leading staffing firms, tracked the nation’s five fastest-growing industries across nine regions in 2017; healthcare ranked number one in seven regions. The technology industry itself cracked the top five in six regions.

Of course, breaking into healthcare IT and computer networking may not be as simple as picking up the phone for an interview. Healthcare computer systems are complex, and so is the work environment, often requiring skills that go beyond the purely technical. That’s why both the computer networking associate degree and certificate programs at Cambridge include courses that emphasize human relations and communication in addition to our tech-focused coursework.

Popular Computer Networking Careers in Healthcare

Several exciting career options are available to computer networking students who successfully complete their education. Some jobs are with large hospital systems, state government, federal government, and various clinics and specialty healthcare facilities. Here are just a few examples of roles graduates can expect to find:

  • Network technician
  • Data security specialist
  • Systems administrator
  • Technical support technician
  • Wireless network specialist
  • Computer repair technician

What Work Is Involved in Healthcare Computer Networking Jobs?

The tasks you’ll perform will depend on your workplace’s requirements, but many computer networking jobs involve:

  • Installing network hardware and software on employee computers
  • Making needed upgrades and repairs to networks
  • Ensuring network and device security
  • Monitoring and improving computer system performance
  • Adding users to a network and assigning permissions
  • Conducting training for end-users

Begin Your Journey to a Healthcare IT Career

If a computer networking career is attractive to you, there’s no better field to work in than healthcare. And there’s no better place to complete your education than at the Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology. Our programs will set you up for success. 

Arrange a conversation with a Cambridge advisor today and take the first step toward your new career.

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