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If you love technology and are interested in an IT career, then computer networking may be the path for you. Computer networking involves working with an organization’s computers and networks and can be a lucrative career. Let’s look at some computer networking job titles and salaries so you have an idea of the many opportunities available in this growing field. 

Why Are There So Many Job Titles in Computer Networking?

Computer networking comes with a wide range of jobs. But why are there so many different job titles to choose from? 

Almost every organization in every industry depends on technology to function. Everyone from retail to education to healthcare depends on computers and networks for their operations. Each of these organizations will have different needs, which require a variety of computer networking roles. 

It’s also common for multiple computer networking roles to exist within a single organization, which opens the door for extensive career opportunities. The type of role you land in will depend on your experience and education level.

5 Sample Computer Networking Job Titles & Salaries

Getting started in computer networking may require some education, such as a certificate or degree. The higher your education, the more likely you’re to land higher-paying leadership roles. 

Here are five job titles and their average salaries for computer networking:

  1. Computer Systems Analyst: In this role, you’ll investigate an organization’s computer systems in order to improve them. You may devise techniques to ensure that computer systems work efficiently and share your documented findings with others in the organization. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Computer Systems Analyst in the US is $90,066 per year.
  2. Wireless Engineer: As a wireless engineer, you’ll install and configure wireless network systems, often going to multiple sites. You’ll help maintain these networks with industry best practices. The average annual salary for this role is $98,710.
  3. Computer Repair Technician: If you love troubleshooting and solving problems, then this career is for you. Computer repair technicians repair computers and fix problems with hardware, software and networks. The average salary for this job is $51,234.
  4. Network Engineer: This job requires you to design, set up and manage networks that are used within an organization. This may involve installing, configuring, maintaining and optimizing networks. The average salary for network engineers is $90,445 per year.
  5. IT Technician: IT technicians are all about helping others. You’ll troubleshoot technical issues within a network and operating system, and work to resolve them. The average annual salary for this role is $49,080.

Interested in a Computer Networking Career?

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