Computer Networking Jobs

What Jobs Are in Computer Networking?

Jobs in Computer Networking

Every organization in every industry requires the support of a computer networking professional. These computer networkers are responsible for the care and keeping of computer systems to ensure they’re working properly and are secure. If this sounds like the perfect career path for you, there are many unique jobs to choose from.

5 Career Paths You Can Achieve in Computer Networking

Whether you want to troubleshoot computer systems or help users understand how to use their devices, there’s a job for you in computer networking.

1. Junior Network Administrator

A junior network administrator works with a network manager to help design, install and monitor computer networks. Not only will you set up devices such as computers, printers and modems, but you’ll also ensure they’re working properly each day.

2. Network Support Specialist

As a network support specialist, you would be responsible for troubleshooting and fixing network issues such as outages. You would also evaluate these issues to determine what caused them and help the organization improve the system so they don’t occur again.

3. Network Technician

Network technicians perform similar work as junior network administrators. However, network technicians may work externally, performing networking and troubleshooting for many organizations at one time.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts analyze computer networks to determine areas of improvement. They also look for potential problems in a system and formulate plans to mitigate them. Analysts play a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning of networks and the prevention of costly downtime.

5. Computer Repair Technician

Computer repair technicians work to troubleshoot and repair computers and their components. They repair everything from hardware and software to full network servers. As a computer repair technician, you could work in-house for a large organization or even as part of a computer repair company tasked with serving consumers.

How a Program Through Cambridge Can Help

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