Is Radiation Therapy a Career in High Demand

If you have been dreaming of pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy, it’s time for your dream to come true. According to the United States Dept of Labor, Radiation Therapy employment is expected to grow by 6% from 2021 to 2031. Considering the expected growth rate, employment in this career will be faster than the average employment growth percentage. 

Regarding the information above, we can argue that radiation therapists are in high demand in the United States and worldwide. If you recall history, cancer rates have been on the rise since the 1990s. And people worldwide need radiation therapists to give a lasting solution for their health. 

The career being in high demand means you can secure a job fast as you complete the Radiation Therapy program. Read on to learn more.

What Is Radiation Therapy? 

Radiation Therapy uses radiation, mainly X-rays or gamma rays, to treat diseases like cancer. Radiation Therapy, also known as radiotherapy, kills cancer cells or slows their growth. Slowing the cancer cells’ growth or killing them is achieved by using high doses of radiation to damage their DNA. 

What Are Some Career Options in Radiation Therapy?

Radiation Therapy is a common career option worldwide. Radiation specialist options include Radiation Oncologists, Dosimetrists, Radiation Physicists, and Radiation Therapists. 

Radiation Oncologist– a medical doctor specializing in using radiation to treat cancer. They usually prescribe radiation and oversee the therapy team. 

Dosimetrist – an analytical member of the radiation oncologists’ team who collaborates closely with other members. Dosimetrists know the characteristics and the clinical relevance of the treatment machines and equipment. 

Radiation Physicist – ensures the linear accelerator machine works and delivers the correct amount of radiation. You can start your Radiation Physicist career with a bachelor’s degree. 

Radiation Therapist – a hands-on member of the Radiation Therapy team. They maintain the patients’ records and report back to radiation oncologists. 

Stability and Potential Career Growth: Can You Benefit as a Graduate?

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Radiation Therapy program is a rewarding career for all graduates. If you are ready to enter this field through the Cambridge program, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

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