What Skills are Required to be a Radiation Therapist?

Working as a Radiation Therapist is a rewarding career choice. You’ll work closely with patients on their journey to recovery and provide countless people with the opportunity to overcome their condition and live life to the fullest.

Great candidates for this role are keen to develop their patient-facing skills and grow in a healthcare environment.

How Can I Become a Radiation Therapist?

No background in healthcare is necessary to become a Radiation Therapist; however, certification in the area is required. A degree in radiation therapy is needed to begin work in this role, as well as a license and certification.

A national/state certification exam is also required to ensure practitioners adhere to best practices and know the most effective way to work. “How can I become a Radiation Therapist” is a popular question because the role provides ample opportunities for professional growth.

What are Some Potential Career Paths One Could Take as a Radiation Therapist?

After several years as a Radiation Therapist, more responsibilities have likely been picked up, including leadership duties and other tasks. There are many options available for Radiation Therapist career paths. Initial roles available may vary in the title.

For example, an experienced Radiation Therapist will likely get promoted to lead, senior, or head Radiation Therapist.

Skills required to be a Radiation Therapist include handling patients, possessing a detailed knowledge in this area of medicine, and performing daily maintenance of equipment used. Great Radiation Therapists focus on delivering the best patient treatment possible to make an otherwise unpleasant experience as positive as possible.

A Radiation Therapist belongs to a care team that deals with patients with cancer and other diseases through the usage of radiation treatments. Radiation Therapists work in a gratifying field that administers potentially life-saving treatments to patients with empathy and professionalism.

Why Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology?

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers an industry-leading radiation therapy program. We have accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, which itself is recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Attending Cambridge offers the chance for a bright future in healthcare with the best possible start in the industry. Cambridge offers a portion of the program online to allow students to learn from the comfort of home.

Classes taught on campus take place in well-equipped labs where experienced instructors teach from a practical approach. As a student in this program, you will obtain the skills needed to find employment in this field.

You can start your career after completing the two-year program at Cambridge. This is the place to go to earn your Associate’s in Radiation Therapy and begin your journey in the healthcare industry.