What Are the Core Values of ACEN?

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Welcome to the world of nursing education, where you can learn how to best care for others using passion and medical knowledge. In this industry, receiving an education from an institution that has been accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) is imperative to your nursing career.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of ACEN’s core values and witness how they shape the nursing profession.

What Are the ACEN Core Values and How Do They Help Nursing Programs?

ACEN has established a set of core values that guide its accreditation process and ensure that accredited nursing programs uphold these values. These core values serve as the foundation for evaluating nursing programs and ensuring their alignment with ACEN’s principles.

When undergoing accreditation, nursing programs such as the one offered by Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology undergo a comprehensive assessment based on ACEN’s standards and criteria. These standards cover a wide range of aspects related to nursing education, including the alignment of program missions, goals, and values; the qualifications of faculty members; program governance; and student outcomes. Through this evaluation process, ACEN verifies that nursing programs comply with these standards and uphold the core values they represent.

The core values of ACEN typically include:


ACEN emphasizes the delivery of high-quality nursing education programs that meet or exceed established standards. These values ensure that nursing programs maintain excellence in education and produce competent nurses who can provide safe and effective patient care.


ACEN values integrity in its accreditation processes by ensuring fairness, transparency, and ethical behavior. This helps nursing programs maintain trust and confidence among students, faculty, employers, and the public.

Continuous Improvement

ACEN encourages nursing education programs to engage in continuous improvement efforts. By providing feedback, recommendations, and support, ACEN helps programs enhance the quality and effectiveness of their educational offerings over time.


ACEN recognizes the importance of collaboration among nursing education programs, accrediting bodies, healthcare organizations, and other stakeholders. This collaboration promotes the sharing of best practices, fosters professional development, and helps nursing programs stay abreast of emerging trends and advancements in healthcare.


ACEN places importance on accountability, requiring nursing education programs to demonstrate compliance with established standards and requirements. This accountability ensures that programs meet the necessary criteria for quality education and maintain their commitment to student success.


ACEN values the welfare and success of nursing students. This student-centered approach ensures that nursing programs provide a supportive learning environment, promote student engagement, and focus on the development of knowledge, skills, and professional values necessary for nursing practice.

Bottom Line

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