New Graduate Nurse Season

New Graduate Nurse Season

Although our Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology nursing students graduate each term, in general, May and June are known for new graduate nurse season. We are looking forward to graduating yet another cohort this August. What I really look forward too is the Pinning ceremony, which I will talk about this dear topic on another blog. 

Welcome to the nursing family: You are all so very needed!

During the Associate of Science Nursing program and while graduating – That means NCLEX testing is on horizon. Time to hit those books, again. My best advice for this prepping has always been to take the test as soon as you feel ready and not postpone it, if you are ready but fear taking the test. Another common advice is to join a study group. It is not for everyone, but it works well for many. Each person picks a topic or specialty and after great research, presents it to the group. There are many great study guides available, and if you’re in a group each person can purchase one to share. At Cambridge, we provide our students with free ATI packages that include NCLEX study books, NCLEX review sessions and a dedicated NCLEX tutor. 

NCLEX Test taking just by itself can be totally overwhelming. By studying with a buddy or few of them you can get a fresh look at the material and get the confidence to live through the testing! 

There are numerous online practice tests you can take and they’ll give you feedback on why an answer is incorrect. Cambridge’s nursing program designs our exams through the course of the program to match the NCLEX process, but these practice tests can help you get your mindset ready and help you understand what you did wrong on the questions you missed. It’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of either in your group studies, or on your own…or both. Practice makes it perfect.

As mentioned above, thankfully Cambridge has a dedicated NCLEX tutor who works with all ready to graduate students to make them successful. This model WORKS! For the first half of 2023, Cambridge is at 100 % passing NCLEX rate. Our graduates make us proud. 

The thing you must remember about the NCLEX is that it’s testing your Critical Thinking Skills. In almost every case, more than one answer will be correct, but one is more correct than the others. Yes, they are designed to trip you up and it’s up to you to figure out which one is best. The hardest thing for many people is to NOT read into the question! With the new Next Gen questions, focus on the case, do not add details that are not there! Read that again! Equally, when an answer provides more information that is in the case study or question, don’t assume it to be correct or even wrong for that matter. Consider (and Read) each answer carefully. Look for the trick part. Does everything fit and follow the Nursing Process? Stop, take a deep breath, close your eyes, let your shoulders relax and then proceed. Don’t rush, but don’t take too long. Your first instinct is proven to be just right, but demonstrate it. Look at the other answers and find why they don’t fit as well…or perhaps one seems even better.

You do need to prepare and set aside the time to do so. I will suggest about a week at minimum! Listen to your NCLEX coach. She will let you know when you are ready. And you also need to take care of YOU. Clear your calendar and explain to loved ones and friends you need time to study and prepare and then you’ll have abundance of time to be together. This period is the culmination of your hard work for the last 14 months or so. Silence your phones and don’t dig into emails unless they come from us. This is a licensing exam and it’s meant to be difficult to ensure the safety of the patients you’ll be caring for. Get proper sleep. Get some exercise, but keep it simple. You’re not training for a marathon. Eat nutritious meals and don’t overdo the caffeine. Remind yourself that you passed nursing school so you DO know how to do this! You’ve got this! See you at the Pinning ceremony and then graduation. CONGRATULATIONS our future colleagues!!!