Will an IT Degree Improve Career Opportunities

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If you’re looking to enter the IT field, you might be wondering if a degree will improve your career prospects. The truth is, having proper credentials will increase your chances of employment by 71%, in addition to offering you a higher salary. 

How an IT Degree Fast Tracks Your Career

While spending time to earn a degree may seem time-consuming, it can actually put you in the fast lane toward an IT career. Degree programs offer structured learning and set deadlines to master skills and concepts. You also get job placement assistance, curriculum support, externship opportunities and preparation for certification exams. 

Trying to learn this information in your own time can take exponentially longer without structured guidance. It can also become overwhelming when you’re a novice and don’t know where to start. Entering a degree program will resolve these issues and provide a solid pathway toward your future career in IT.

Another advantage of obtaining an IT degree is employer appeal. Many jobs will require a degree or certification, and having these qualifications will increase your hiring potential. You’ll open the doorway to higher income opportunities and senior positions when you get a more advanced degree.

IT Degree & Certification Levels: Which Should You Choose?

Cambridge offers many IT programs and specializations. We also offer career services and provide International Certification Exam preparation. The specialization you choose all depends on your professional goals. 

You Want to Enter the IT Field Immediately

Our certificate programs offer students immediate opportunities for entry-level jobs. These programs are uniquely designed and can be completed in a matter of weeks.

You Desire Quicker Career Advancement

If you want to go beyond entry-level jobs at a faster pace, you can take it a step further and complete an Associate’s degree. Our programs allow you to start an IT career fairly quickly but provide an increased opportunity for higher income.

You Want Opportunities for Senior-Level Positions

Earning higher credentials is the fastest way to increase your salary range. A Bachelor’s degree along with certifications can propel you to higher-paying senior positions and leadership promotions in the industry. You’ll also get further in-depth knowledge and mastery of important IT concepts and skills, which will prepare you for more complex IT issues and solutions. 

Start Your IT Career Today at Cambridge

Ready to learn about the exciting field of information technology? Our advisors are here to answer your questions and guide you toward your professional goals. Learn about our flexible online programs, career services and IT exam preparation by calling us at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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