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The traditional way of obtaining your degree is to attend in-person classes at a local college or university. However, as technology advances, there are more opportunities for furthering your education. You can get an IT degree from the comfort of your home, at your favorite coffee shop or wherever life takes you via online learning.

Types of IT Degrees Available Online

There are a ton of IT degree options out there. Here at Cambridge, we offer online degrees that cover a wide range of technology, including:

  • Computer Networking: Computer networking involves building, setting up and troubleshooting critical networks on behalf of businesses and healthcare organizations.
  • Cyber and Network Security: Cyber and network security careers involve protecting organizations from data breaches, mitigating security risks when they occur and more.
  • Data and Project Management: In data and project management, you would be responsible for managing projects on behalf of your organization or wrangling and analyzing data for simplified business decision-making.
  • Data Management and Analytics: Data management and analytics is a career path that involves capturing and analyzing data to help organizations reach their goals.
  • Health Information Management: Healthcare information management is a career field involving gathering, analyzing, managing and storing health information to improve patient outcomes.
  • Health Information Technology: As a health IT specialist, you would design, use and maintain the systems used to store patient information.

You can obtain both an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree online depending on your career goals.

The Benefits of Attending an Online IT Degree Program

Why choose an online degree program over traditional learning? There are many benefits to taking classes online, including:

  • Flexibility: Via online learning, you can truly learn from anywhere. Plus, you can complete your lessons and assignments on your own time, whether that’s before or after work or between family time.
  • Lower costs: There’s no need to commute to class every day or rent an apartment on-site. This reduces the overall costs of going to college. In some cases, the credit hour cost is lower than in-person classes too.
  • New skills: Attending school online allows you to gain and improve skills such as time management which are critical for a successful career.

Earn Your IT Degree Online With Cambridge

Cambridge offers a wide range of IT degree options for you to choose from. Whether you’d rather work in data or want to build networks, there’s a degree for you. To learn more about our degree options or to apply for an online program today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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