How Cambridge Prepares DMS Students for Life After Graduation

If you’re thinking about a career in diagnostic medical sonography, you’ll need the proper credentials from a qualified program. However, this is just the first step. You also need to think about life after graduation, such as how to interview with employers, how to cultivate your skills and how to develop career success. 

At Cambridge, we make sure all of our students are supported every step of the way, from their first day in class to beyond graduation. When you’re a DMS student, you’ll learn not just the necessary skills to be an ultrasound technician, but also how to have a meaningful, long-lasting career.

Hands-On Experience With Clinical Externships

We make sure all our students graduate with the readiness and confidence to be effective sonographers. That’s why we provide four consecutive clinical externships, which offer real-world training in sonography.

Whether you’re in Atlanta or Florida, we arrange training in a real healthcare setting, such as hospitals, clinics and imaging facilities. You’ll receive vital clinical training from knowledgeable professionals to sharpen your DMS skills and gain the necessary experience. Our externships empower you to effectively make the transition into the workforce. 

Real-World Preparation and Training

In addition to our externships, our students get hands-on training inside the classroom. With the help of supportive instructors and small classroom sizes, you’ll learn how to use the latest imaging technology in our state-of-the-art imaging lab. 

We also ensure our students are well-rounded in essential skills. Through each step of the curriculum, students cultivate their communication and organization skills, as well as their abilities to multitask and identify important details. 

This hands-on approach is key to preparing you for real-life DMS situations and ensuring your career success. 

Job Placement Assistance With Career Services

As a student at Cambridge, you get access to our comprehensive Career Services department. This office offers convenient career assistance through the following services:

  • One-on-one coaching: Our experienced human resource professionals will provide you with personalized career guidance throughout your time at Cambridge. This includes advancing your career mindset, coaching you on how to maintain success in your field and how to overcome obstacles.
  • Job search preparation: We can help you craft your resume, identify job opportunities in your desired field, hone your interviewing skills and practice how to distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Job placement: Through regular communication with our externship partners, we gain insight into the ongoing skill development of our students. That’s why our experienced career services team knows what employers seek and can help students gain entry-level employment. After graduation, we maintain contact by providing graduates with new job leads and career opportunities. 

Start Your Journey in DMS Today

At Cambridge, we’re invested in your success both as a student and as a working professional. If you’re ready to ignite your career path with a supportive team behind you, we can help. Learn more about our programs today by calling us at  877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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