Why It’s Important for DMS Students to Have a Support System

A female diagnostic medical sonographer is looking at a sonograph

Cambridge boasts a very comprehensive program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Students learn more than one modality of DMS and are prepared to enter their career field with highly sought-after skills. 

Due to the intense nature of the program, students must have a proper support system in place. Let’s explore what kind of support you’ll need, and how to obtain it as a student in diagnostic medical sonography. 

Find Tutoring Support

When you’re becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer, you’ll need to devote a fair amount of time to studying and exam preparation. Most DMS courses will give you a thorough overview of the human body and teach you how to use complicated imaging technology. While these courses will give you the proper skills and qualifications for your career field, they’ll also demand a lot of focus.

That’s why it’s important to access tutoring support throughout the program. Reach out to your Cambridge teachers and available tutors. Investigate any online tutoring programs that can provide extra help. Finally, form study groups with your peers and schedule regular dates to meet and review material. 

3 Ways to Get At-Home Support

When you become a DMS student, it’s paramount to have a personal support system in place. Let’s explore some actions you can take to ensure your success in the program.

1. Inform Your Family & Friends

Tell your loved ones about your plan to enroll in the DMS program. Let them know that the program will be intense and take up a significant amount of time. You may have to decline invitations to gatherings and decrease your general social time. Providing them fair warning will help you avoid any social mishaps in the future.

2. Ask for Support

After informing your loved ones of your plans, ask them for their support. Whether this is to cheer you on from a distance or help you out once in a while with household chores, put out the call for whatever support you need. You never know who might answer and rally to your side.

3. Arrange Any Needed Childcare

Going back to school when you’re a parent is extremely challenging. You’ll surely need help with childcare and family assistance. If you have a partner, make a plan with them so that everyone’s needs are met. Explore childcare options through family, friends, your child’s school, a local church or daycare facilities. 

Access Financial Support

A whopping 80% of DMS students at Cambridge do not work, and about 15% only work part-time. This is due to the intensity of the DMS curriculum, which requires a lot of study time and focus. 

That’s why it’s important to be financially prepared, as you won’t be earning wages during your time in the program. Build a fund if you can before entering the program, so your basic needs are met. 

Fill out your FAFSA and ask Cambridge’s financial aid officers if you qualify for any financial assistance programs. You can also take out a personal loan from your bank, seek our external scholarships or explore funding options from your community. 

Find Support Through Cambridge’s Many Services

At Cambridge, we’re here to help you succeed. From financial aid guidance to career coaching, our expert staff will help you access options that support your career journey. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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