Cambridge College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Students Experience a Unique Day of Testing

Testicle Phantoms

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography students enjoyed a day of testing out their creativity and learning in a unique manner. Sundus Agad, the clinical coordinator, had the students create their own testicle phantoms. The students were split in groups of four people and had to learn about testicles and the parts of it. They had to create a phantom that would replicate the feeling of scanning a real testicle that has pathology.

The students thought out of the box and came up with some really creative ideas in building these phantoms. During presentation and scan day, they were all surprised at their own creativity and success. They truly enjoyed scanning their testicle phantom and other students as well.

Because this is an exam that we are unable to scan and teach physically in school, this has helped them learn the parts of a testicle, the feel of scanning a testicle, what it looks like on ultrasound, and the challenges that come with scanning it. Without a doubt, they all feel confident about scanning this exam when a patient comes at their clinical site with a testicle order.

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