Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN): Critical Thinking Skills

Cambridge ASN Program

Critical Thinking Skills at Cambridge:

So you, as a student, are nervous about what’s to come.  As a Cambridge student, everyone understands that a lot of preparation goes into being ready for the NCLEX. And just so you know…the NCLEX is all about critical thinking and safety.  While you’re in school, your faculty will be preparing you by taking those memorized pieces of information and helping you to make connections between theory and application. You’ll learn about pharmacology and how nurses need to know more than classifications and side effects. Do you know what action takes place when the medication begins to work? Would you be prepared in the real world?

What sets Cambridge apart from other schools are the connections that we help students to make between theory and application. When asked about what students wanted from their education, one student in the ASN program stated, “When my father passed away last year from cancer, I wished that I had been able to do more…as far as making him comfortable.” Another student stated, “I chose Cambridge because I want to broaden my horizons and have the ability to widen my scope of practice.” Those, in fact, are the kinds of skills that you develop while at Cambridge. The building of critical thinking skills begins from Day 1 and will not only assist you to successfully pass your NCLEX, but bridge you into being an integral part of any healthcare team.

Open your mind to the possibilities because they are endless with an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ASN) from Cambridge. Have we sparked your interest? Can you see yourself as part of our Cambridge family?