Juliette Lebanno Lyon

ASN student testimonial

When I passed my boards I was on hot pursuit to find not any job…but my job…I wanted something that would challenge and motivate me plus pay what I thought I was worth. I was offered several positions in various settings. But none of them felt right. Merby had mentioned AdventHealth a few times but I brushed her off, thinking UGH long term care…Well to my surprise and I cannot speak for all of them but Florida Living aka AdventHealth Apopka South is not your ordinary place. Check it out!! Thank You Career Services and Enock for making this opportunity possible.

Associate of Science in Nursing

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Associate of Science in Nursing Program is designed to provide training and education in order to prepare graduates to plan, deliver, and manage patient care as registered nurses in a variety of settings. The program offers students the opportunity to learn to effectively function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team in a complex healthcare delivery system.

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