Rose-Elizabeth Williams

The educators at Cambridge are some of the best teachers I have witnessed EVER. Dr Morgan has to be one of my favorites of all time. His ability to break down the most complex scientific information (coupled with his humor) is truly a gift. Following my educational hiatus, I was very nervous returning back to school (especially as a new mom) and he truly made my transition a wonderful experience. I always looked forward to his lectures. Professor Savitz is not only extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of nursing but is truly a master of her field. With her no-nonsense, straightforward style of teaching and demanding the utmost best from her nursing students at all times, you can be confident that she will turn you into respected and employable professional. Pharmacology has always had the reputation of being one of the hardest classes you will take in nursing school (across the board, ANYWHERE). Nonetheless, I am so grateful for skillful teachers like Professor Marchese who is so kind and dedicated to seeing every single one of his students succeed. He also has a gift in relating real life examples with his many years of experience and expertise in his field. I can go on about many more of the amazing teachers at Cambridge, but all in all, you can be confident that you are learning from the very best in their fields. They truly prepare you for your field of work from your very first day of class to the moment you graduate.

Associate of Science in Nursing

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Associate of Science in Nursing Program is designed to provide training and education in order to prepare graduates to plan, deliver, and manage patient care as registered nurses in a variety of settings. The program offers students the opportunity to learn to effectively function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team in a complex healthcare delivery system.

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