Celebrating Nurses and Nursing Students

Celebrating Nurses and Nursing Students

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It comes as no surprise that nursing is a passion filled profession that many seek to become a part of daily. Nursing instructors are in high demand and as such are needed more every day. Nursing is the Art and Science of Caring and for many they think of the patient alone. But nursing instructors are often caring for not only patients in the clinical environment, but also for the students who endeavor to be nurses. Being a nurse takes a special kind of person. Being a nursing instructor takes an extra special kind of person – one who is driven to ensure our future nurses are the best they can be, one who wants to share their knowledge with those to follow in their footsteps, one who is not selfish or afraid that their own students will surpass them.

Being a Cambridge nursing instructor is giving others and me that very opportunity – the opportunity to give back and help bring our future nurses into that same goal of care we seek to share. Mary Ciambelli, RN (2015), probably summed up our work as nurses best by saying that nursing is a complex mix of both joy and pain, often at same time, much like seeing sunshine and showers both occurring simultaneously with occasional hail to keep us humble but with the rainbow present to remind us of the promise of a better day and a better life ahead of us. This view is what many see being a nursing educator is like. Instructors and student nurses share in these successes and trials. We here at Cambridge want all of our students, be they nurses, phlebotomy, radiology or medical assistants in training to know that no matter where they are in their learning, there will be more good days than bad and they can rely on their instructors to help find that rainbow and keep their sun shining brightly! Bring on the showers – we have our sunshine and rainbows! They are your instructors!

Reference: Ciambelli, M. (2015). Celebrating the Profession of Nursing. Colorado Nurse, 115(3), 1-3.

By Rebecca Henkins RN, BSN, MSN-Ed, HNB-BC
Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology