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Are you a current Registered Nurse looking for advancement in your career? A Bachelor of Science in Nursing could be the perfect next step for you. At Cambridge, we offer a flexible and in-depth RN to BSN program to fit your needs.

Why Should You Consider Bachelor of Science in Nursing Schools?

Sure, you can work as a nurse by completing a Registered Nurse program. But, pursuing your bachelor’s degree by attending a Bachelor of Science in Nursing school can benefit you greatly.

  • Receive a higher level of education: The education gained through a Bachelor program is more in-depth than that of an Associate’s program. You’ll feel better prepared for the field with more education and training.
  • Healthcare facilities will soon require a Bachelor’s degree: More and more facilities are starting to require nurses to have their bachelor’s degree. Some facilities are requiring current employees to obtain their degree as they work. Achieving a bachelor’s degree now will place you ahead of the competition.
  • Job opportunities increase with a Bachelor’s degree: Nurses that hold a bachelor’s degree often have more job opportunities at the outset of their career. You can work in case management, as well as in leadership positions—opportunities not available to those without a bachelor’s degree.

Cambridge: The Best Choice for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

For students interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Cambridge could be the best choice for your education. Our RN to BSN program is available online, perfect for school/life balance. But, through Cambridge, this is only one of the many advantages.

  • Complete in 16 months: Our program only takes approximately 16 months to complete. But, for those looking for part-time education, we offer 15-week courses in addition to 7.5-week courses.
  • Interactive content and in-depth coursework: Our online content is interactive with 3D animation and video presentations to bring the material to life. Our coursework is in-depth and easy to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Commitment: Cambridge is focused on the success of our students. Our faculty and staff are always available to help you succeed and grow into your new career.
  • Career assistance: Students who complete the RN to BSN program are eligible for career assistance through our Career Services Department. You don’t have to search for your next career on your own.

Not yet an RN? Cambridge also offers a complete Associate of Nursing program, helping students receive the hands-on training required to take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Learn More About the Cambridge Advantage

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