Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN): Perfecting Our Need for Perfection

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology
Associates of Science in Nursing Degree—Altamonte Springs Campus, Florida
Perfecting Our Need for Perfection

In the years that I’ve been teaching, I have met many students who desire to be “perfect”. Even when I was in nursing school, there were always those perfectionist types that you might be coupled with on a project or work with in clinicals. However, what is perfection and is that a reality as a professional nurse? According to, “perfection is a flawless state where everything is exactly right.”

As nurses, we can strive to be our best and we can dedicate our lives to building our knowledge base, increasing our skill set, and providing competent and safe care. Can we be “perfect” or are we setting ourselves up for failure? I have been recently inspired by Rhonda Rousey, the professional boxer, with her, PerfectNever Campaign. She was touted as the “perfect” women’s boxer, undefeatable… until she was defeated by Holly Holm. Rhonda Rousey spent a lot of time dealing with her imperfections and finally came to the conclusion that “perfect never gets to silence its critics.”

Students who become nursing professionals will enter a field that is constantly changing and evolving as we take evidence-based research and apply it to practice. The NCLEX scrutinizes your level of understanding, but is not looking for perfection. Our goal at Cambridge is not to create “perfect” nurses, but to develop graduate nurses who are competent, kind, and safe practitioners. Build your skills, develop your talents, acquire new knowledge, and shoot for the moon, but leave perfection to Nature and the stars. At Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology, we look for excellence, not perfection.