Radiation Therapy Students

Radiation Therapy Student Success Story

Radiation Therapy Student Success Story

Advancing your career and committing to an educational program is a giant undertaking. It can be intimidating and make us wonder how we’ll be able to handle the responsibility. 

That’s where student success stories come in. Seeing similar students succeed reminds us we have what it takes to go far and encourages us to work hard. If you’re interested in Cambridge’s Radiation Therapy program, then read about the experience of Jennifer Cobb, a successful radiation therapy graduate. 

Jennifer’s Cambridge Experience

Jennifer Cobb always knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field and worked as a Hospital Pharmacy Technician for 10 years. To advance her career and pursue other passions, she decided to enter the Radiation Therapy program at Cambridge’s Atlanta Campus.

Unfortunately, Jennifer attended Cambridge at a time when COVID-19 was rampant, which affected the number of open clinical sites and in-person classes. This did not stand in the way of her desire to complete the program and become a registered Radiation Therapist. Jennifer adapted to the circumstances, attending whatever on-campus classes and clinical rotations were available. 

Jennifer Cobb graduated from the Radiation Therapy program in December of 2021.   After completing the program, she studied everything she could to take and pass multiple certification exams. This included Mosby’s Radiation Therapy Review and online exams, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists Student exam,  Assessment Library exams, and Laura Nappi’s Exam prep. Her hard work paid off and she earned her certifications. 

Where Is Jennifer Now?

Jennifer is now a Registered Radiation Therapist working for WellStar West Georgia Medical Center. In her words, there is never a boring day at work. She likes to make her patients feel better, yet, they’re the ones that lift her spirits. Seeing them stay the course of treatment and make the recovery from cancer is an overwhelming inspiration.

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