Radiation Therapy School

Is Radiation Therapy a Stressful Job?

How Hard Is Radiation Therapy School?

Radiation therapy is a challenging, rewarding field that requires a certain level of education. Like other medical pursuits, studying radiation therapy can be challenging at times. But, unlike the amount of schooling to become a physician, you can complete your studies in a comparatively short time. Plus you’ll get all the help you need from Cambridge’s instructors.

What to Expect From the Radiation Therapy Curriculum 

Cambridge has designed a two-year Radiation Therapy program. The coursework is designed to give students the practical and theoretical basis to successfully treat cancer patients and be a part of oncology teams. 

During your two years at Cambridge, you can expect to study topics such as:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • College algebra
  • Radiation therapy physics
  • Treatment planning
  • Imaging principles

In addition to subjects like these, the coursework includes a variety of labs where students get hands-on experience. Plus, there are clinical externship requirements, where students work in functioning, real-world medical environments helping real medical professionals and patients. 

The result of this combination of classroom and practical education is a well-rounded graduate who is ready to take any necessary licensing exams and enter the job market.

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Interests That Might Attract You to Radiation Therapy Studies

Like other medical careers, radiation therapy education involves science. So, if you enjoy subjects like biology and anatomy, that’s a good sign. It also helps if you have at least an average aptitude for mathematics and physics. 

You won’t be doing cutting-edge theoretical physics or tackling the world’s most difficult math problems, but being able to do more than basic math will help you succeed in class.

Being a “People Person”

Radiation therapists operate machines that deliver radiation to treat cancerous tumors. But the job also involves a high degree of interaction with people who have cancer, which means they are in a vulnerable state. 

As you’ll find out during your externships as part of your study program, patients rely on radiation therapists to treat them well, cheer them up, calm them down; in other words, to help them emotionally as well as medically. 

If you’re someone who really enjoys talking to people and helping them get through things, you can thrive in radiation therapy. The job is very rewarding because you get to help people fight cancer by administering much-needed therapy, and you get to help them along emotionally, too.

Learn More About the Radiation Therapy Program at Cambridge College

Getting your radiation therapy degree is entirely possible. The coursework will challenge you, but in the end, you’ll be prepared to help people fight the battle against cancer. What could be more rewarding than that?

If you would like to discuss our two-year Radiation Therapy program, call a Cambridge advisor anytime at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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