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Throughout the workweek, we see many new faces come through our Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology Radiation Therapy department that are interested in pursuing a career in radiation therapy. The potential and existing students come from all backgrounds and experience levels.

Do I Need a Medical Background?

When the Cambridge student candidates are introduced to our radiation therapy department, they usually come with outstanding questions. One of the common questions they ask is “Do I need any medical background to be able to succeed in this program?”. The answer we give them is “of course not!”. Many of our students have never worked in the medical field and this program is all new to them. We alleviate some of their stress by offering a wide range of tutoring times, personal one-on-one contact with instructors, and being accessible via email. We want our students to be successful, no matter what type of experience they are bringing to our classroom setting.

How Hard is the Radiation Therapy Program?

Another common question is “how hard is the program?”. We let them know that while the program is challenging, it is also very rewarding. The program that Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology offers is an accelerated program, meaning that in 2 years they will be graduates with an Associates Degree, instead of having to take general education courses prior to entering the program, which can lengthen the time it takes for completion.

What is it like being a Radiation Therapist?

Many candidates often wonder what it is like to be a radiation therapist. The answer is simple, yet complex. The easy answer is that it is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. The hard answer is it is also an emotional job. Not only are you treating the patient’s disease, you are treating their entire well-being. If they are having a bad day, the therapists are the ones who cheer them up. If they are scared, the therapists help calm those fears. Even with the emotional component that comes with the position, knowing that you, personally, made a difference to someone is one of the best feelings in the world.

What is the best part of being a Radiation Therapist?

Cambridge faculty are often get asked “what was your favorite part of being a therapist?”. Each staff member in our department always gives the same answer. The patients. It is the patient interaction that makes this job so wonderful. As therapists, you will build relationships with patients that go way beyond the treatment vault. You will create lasting connections and gain many great memories.

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