How Long Is Radiation Therapy School & Is It Hard?

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Radiation therapists play a very important role in the treatment of cancer. As a radiation therapist, you’ll be responsible for administering radiation therapy to patients, supporting patients through treatment and maintaining safe care conditions.

You’ll also be responsible for communicating with patient families and supporting oncologists in delivering care. Cambridge College can prepare you for a successful and rewarding career as a radiation therapist through our Radiation Therapy program.

How Long Will It Take to Finish Radiation Therapy School?

Students interested in becoming radiation therapists will need to complete some post-secondary education in the form of an Associate degree. Our Radiation Therapy program will take approximately 2 years to complete.

An Associate degree program will help you learn the skills necessary for success. Plus, you’ll gain hands-on experience through our clinical externships. This will help you feel confident in your abilities once you start your new career.

After you finish your program, you’re required to take and pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Registry exam for licensing. Once you take and pass the exam, you’ll be ready for entry-level employment as a radiation therapist.

Cambridge College offers job placement services to help our students find new jobs soon after graduation. We partner with local healthcare facilities to place students weekly. We’ll also help you improve your interviewing skills and show you how you can best showcase your new skills.

How Challenging Is Radiation Therapy School?

Radiation therapy requires in-depth medical study about the human body and the effects and use of radiation for cancer treatment. During your program, you’ll dive deep into topics such as:

  • Radiation therapy physics
  • Section anatomy
  • Imaging principles
  • Treatment planning
  • Radiation biology and protection
  • Medical terminology

As these subjects are quite involved and technical, they can be challenging at times. Yet, you’re not alone in your studies. Our staff and faculty are here to support you throughout your time here with Cambridge.

Each of our instructors is knowledgeable in their field, doing their best to ensure you understand the materials. Plus, our staff is always available to deliver some encouragement or study assistance. 

Ready to Become a Radiation Therapist? We Can Help!

Radiation therapy is a rewarding career for students ready to join the medical field. If you’re interested in a career in radiation therapy, we’re ready to help. If you have questions or would like to apply, call our team at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.