Learning By Doing in Nursing

Welcome to the world of nursing, where the motto is “learning by doing.” In this dynamic and compassionate profession, direct experience and practical application are at the heart of developing the skills and knowledge required to provide exceptional care to patients. 

Join us in this article, as we explore the transformative power using a firsthand approach at teaching the next generation of healthcare heroes.

4 Skills Needed to Be a Nurse

Becoming a nurse is an exciting and rewarding journey that requires a diverse set of skills to provide excellent patient care. At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, we offer a concept-based curriculum that incorporates hands-on training to develop these essential nursing skills.

Here are four skills needed to be a nurse:

Clinical Competence

Nurses need to have a solid foundation of clinical skills to provide safe and effective care to patients. This includes skills such as administering medication, wound care, physical assessments, IV therapy, and patient monitoring. Through firsthand training, students at Cambridge College develop and refine these clinical competencies, ensuring they are well-prepared for real-world practice.

Critical Thinking

Nursing requires the ability to think critically and make sound decisions in complex situations. Students learn to analyze patient data, identify problems, and develop effective care plans. Through practical learning experiences, they gain the skills to prioritize care, anticipate potential complications, and adapt their approach based on patient needs.


Effective communication is a fundamental skill in nursing. Nurses must be able to communicate clearly and compassionately with patients, families, and healthcare team members. Through direct training, students learn to listen actively, provide information, and convey empathy. They also practice communicating complex medical information in a way that patients and their families can understand.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Nursing is a collaborative profession that requires effective teamwork. Students learn to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, respecting and valuing each team member’s contributions. They practice effective communication, active listening, and interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Types of Learning

At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, learning experiences are an integral part of the nursing curriculum. The program incorporates a variety of immersive experiences, evaluation, and assessment methods to ensure students are well-prepared for their future nursing careers. The types of learning experiences included are:

  1. Laboratory Work: Nursing students engage in lab work where they can practice and refine their skills in a controlled environment. This may involve simulated patient care scenarios, such as administering medications, performing physical assessments, and practicing nursing procedures.
  2. Clinical Rotations: Students have the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations where they care for patients in real healthcare settings. Under the guidance of experienced clinical instructors, they apply their knowledge and skills, observe procedures, and collaborate with healthcare teams.
  3. Simulations: Simulation experiences are an essential component of the curriculum at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology. Students engage in realistic scenarios using simulation equipment, high-fidelity manikins, or virtual reality. This allows them to practice clinical decision-making, critical thinking, and technical skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Other learning experiences include:

  • Case-Based Learning
  • Flipped Classroom Model
  • Reflective Practice
  • Interprofessional Education

Bottom Line

If you are passionate about pursuing a rewarding career in nursing and desire a comprehensive education that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, look no further than Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology. Our commitment to learning by doing in nursing sets us apart, preparing us to become skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Take the first step towards your dream career by joining our vibrant community of educators, mentors, and motivated students.

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