Non-Hospital Jobs You Can Do with a BSN

A group of BSN professionals

Many people believe that a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) opens doors to a nursing degree, but nothing more. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A BSN provides a wide range of career opportunities outside of traditional nursing.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing Degrees Transcend the Hospital Environment

With a BSN in hand, you may be qualified to pursue a wide range of jobs outside of direct patient care and the hospital, including:

  • Instructor: Many educators in the healthcare field come from a direct-patient are background. With a BSN, you may be qualified to take on instructor positions with colleges, tech schools and universities, offering your experienced insight to the next generation of nursing students.
  • Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC): The legal process relies on Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) to provide testimony and insight into the medical system during cases and claims. LNCs are often consulted for cases and claims involving medical malpractice suits or injuries occurring at medical facilities.
  • Patient Advocate: Often seen as a liaison between patients and healthcare facilities, Patient Advocates provide advice, answers and support to patients during the treatment process. Patient Advocates also provide guidance on insurance coverage and claims issues.
  • Medical Writer: Pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers and other healthcare related organizations often employ medical writers to convey information to their customers and patients. A medical background is often desired for these positions, as experience in healthcare helps a writer create content audiences can better relate to.
  • Healthcare Risk Manager: Many organizations, both inside and outside of the healthcare industry, employ Healthcare Risk Managers to address potential injury or illness risks. Healthcare Risk Managers are tasked with identifying and resolving any issue that may lead to an injury or illness. This protects the organization, its employees and its customers from unnecessary harm.
  • Clinical Educator: By helping patients and families understand medical conditions, Clinical Educators prepare them for more effective treatment and management. From Diabetes to Multiple Sclerosis, Clinical Educators help patients understand a wide range of diseases and conditions.
Discuss Your Career Goals With Someone Who’s Been There

At Cambridge, we’ve assembled a team of instructors and administrators that are passionate about our students and the healthcare industry. Our team comes from various walks of life, with diverse backgrounds in the healthcare industry. Many of our team members have transitioned from direct patient care to other roles in the medical field, allowing us to offer the real insight you need to understand your career options.

Our staff is happy to offer advice and discuss your career goals. Contact an advisor for answers to your career and education questions.

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