Do Nurses With a BSN Have the Same Responsibility as an RN

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Although becoming an RN is an amazing milestone in your career, you may be wondering if there’s something more. RNs looking to grow in their careers can pursue their BSN in a short amount of time. The good news is this: Cambridge offers an online RN to BSN program you can complete in as little as 16 months. But, is it worth it?

Why You Should Pursue Your BSN Degree

As an RN searching for career advancement, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is the next logical step. To increase your job responsibilities or move into a leadership role, you’ll need your BSN degree. Plus, as a BSN, you’ll be eligible for better salaries and benefits.

According to Payscale, nurses with a BSN typically make an average of $79,000 each year, while the national average for RNs is $63,000 each year. Of course, salary and benefits will depend on your location, where you choose to work and your position.

Requiring a BSN degree to enter the field is trending around the country due to the enhanced level of training. Receiving your BSN early can potentially save you from scrambling later on in your career.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Nurse With a BSN?

All nurses are responsible for daily tasks such as administering medication, checking vitals, working with physicians and monitoring patients’ health and symptoms. However, nurses with a BSN can take additional responsibilities not available to RNs including:

  • Administrative tasks and promotion
  • Nurse education and training
  • Care management
  • Nurse management
  • Infection and quality control

Why do nurses with a BSN have these opportunities? These nurses undergo 1-2 years of extra education in the field and hands-on training useful for daily activities. They have the ability to use skills not necessarily taught to RNs, giving them the upper hand in medical situations.

BSN Degrees Will Soon Be a Requirement

It’s true that BSN degrees can help you improve your career. However, in many organizations, a BSN is becoming a requirement. To get ahead of the game, consider pursuing your BSN starting today. To learn more about the program, reach out to us by calling 877-206-4279!

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