Do All Nurses in Hospitals Have to Have a BSN

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For more than 40 years, the associate’s degree in nursing has been the standard degree for starting a nursing career. And in most hospitals, it’s all you need to jumpstart your career by landing an entry-level nursing job.

However, things are changing. Labor statistics show that a small but growing number of hospitals are choosing only to hire nurses who have a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree or higher. Researchers predict that this is a growing trend – that in the future, more and more hospitals will only hire BSN nurses.

Further, many nurses with associates of science in nursing (ASN) degrees find that they don’t have the opportunity to advance their careers by moving into leadership positions unless they are willing to obtain BSN degrees.

What’s the Different Between an ASN and a BSN Program?

The main thing that sets the Associates of Science and the Bachelors of Science nursing programs apart is the amount of information they cover. While an ASN program focuses on nursing skills, a BSN program may contain additional coursework in communication, leadership and critical thinking. These skills can prepare students to take on more advanced roles, like teaching nursing, consulting, conducting research or leading a team.

Because of the additional coursework, a BSN takes longer to complete than an ASN. However, if you already have your ASN and are working as a nurse, you won’t have to start at the beginning. In our program, you can work online and complete course requirements in as little as 16 months.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degrees and the Changing Laws

Some states, like New York and New Jersey, have considered making BSN degrees required by law. However, legislation making a BSN required has not passed. Legislatures said that a BSN should be required because healthcare is becoming more and more complex. With the growing population of elderly people in the United States, nurses are going to have to learn how to care for more people with more challenging needs, using more complex technology. Even if it isn’t required by law, having a BSN is certainly a good idea.

Learn More About Getting Your BSN

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program helps nurses get the degree needed to advance their careers and move into key leadership roles within healthcare organizations. If you’re thinking about your BSN, get started by contacting an advisor today. Our advisors can give you more information about the program, arrange a tour and help you get started in the enrollment process.

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