Get a Cybersecurity Job in the Healthcare Field

A professional cyber security worker is looking at data on a computer

The demand for cybersecurity professionals in healthcare has never been higher. 

  • The increasing use of electronic medical records (EMRs) requires ever-greater security protection, and federal regulations mandate top-notch cybersecurity practices in the healthcare industry. 
  • More and more sensitive patient information is being stored on public and private servers, which need constant protection from hackers and other cyber criminals seeking to steal identities or otherwise use patient and doctor information for damaging purposes. 

All of this means the short answer is, yes, there are plenty of cybersecurity jobs in the fast-growing healthcare industry. In this post, we’ll discuss how education, certifications and experience are crucial for anyone looking to make a career in this strong sector. 

Computer Proficiency and Network Security Education Are Essential

Those seeking a cybersecurity job in the healthcare industry need a solid foundation in network administration, network security and database knowledge. Further, because healthcare is a specialized field, many employers expect candidates to have some specialized knowledge of the unique information security challenges that exist in healthcare.

That is why Cambridge’s cyber and network security program includes courses on the fundamentals of information security in healthcare, managing information security and similar courses.

Technical Skill Is Great, But Candidates Need Interpersonal Skills, Too

In healthcare, you’ll be working with very smart and talented people. Part of your success as a cybersecurity and network employee will depend on your ability to relate to these coworkers, understand their needs and communicate with them effectively.

Cambridge’s associate degree program helps prepare students for this. The curriculum includes courses in psychology, English composition and even college algebra. This broad-based education is designed to help technical professionals understand and communicate with healthcare professionals in ways they appreciate and respect.

Internships Help You Gain Experience

Information security is critical to healthcare employers, and many of them desire to hire people who have some real-world experience in cybersecurity. This kind of experience can often be obtained by interning in the IT department at a local hospital, clinic or another facility. 

Cambridge’s career services department loves to help students find great internships that can help them in their chosen field. If you choose to study at Cambridge, you’ll be able to work with our advisors to search for the right internship that helps build your resume.

Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Career Begins Here

The demand for IT security professionals in healthcare is strong and will continue to be that way for years. Position yourself to get the job you want by completing a cyber and networking security degree or certificate program at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology. Our advisors are ready to discuss your goals at any time. Contact us when you’re ready to talk.  

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