Entry-Level Jobs in Cyber Security

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Due to the rapid growth of technology, cyber security is a booming field. Organizations and businesses require security professionals who can help them keep their networks secure. The field of cyber security is vast, allowing you to choose a career that fits your interests and goals.

5 Examples of Entry-Level Jobs in Cyber Security

Many cyber security careers do require some on-the-job experience. Yet, there are some entry-level positions you can achieve after obtaining the right certification.

  1. IT Support Technician: IT support techs help businesses maintain their computer systems and networks. They answer IT questions, manage system upgrades, train employees on system usage and keep networks secure.
  2. Penetration Tester: Companies want to ensure cybercriminals can’t access their critical systems. As a penetration tester, you’ll spend your days helping businesses find and resolve security weaknesses (or areas of likely penetration) within their networks.
  3. Cyber Analyst: Cyber security analysts are dedicated to protecting networks from cyber-attacks. For example, you’ll keep an eye on systems to ensure you’re the first to know about any data or network breaches. You’ll also need to secure data in the event of a breach. You may also instruct employees on how to best secure their own devices to prevent security issues.
  4. Incident Analyst: Incident analysts are similar to cyber analysts in that they monitor systems for security issues. Yet, their main focus is on incident response. They create the systems and plans organizations follow when an incident occurs. For example, they may identify security flaws and how to mitigate risk. They may also perform audits.
  5. Security Operation Center Analyst: This career allows you to complete a wide range of tasks each day. For example, you might analyze risk on behalf of your organization or update security software on company devices. You’ll be a company’s go-to for anything involving system security.

How to Get Started in Cyber Security

While these entry-level positions are a great place to start, there are other careers you can enter after you gain some experience. To start moving towards your dream career, you’ll first need a high school diploma or GED.  Next, you’ll need to complete an accredited Cyber and Network Security program, like ours. You’ll also need to obtain certifications such as CompTIA A+ Hardware and Software and Internet Webmaster Web Security Associate, which we’ll help you prepare for.

After Associate program completion and certification, you’ll be ready for entry-level employment in cyber security.

Jumpstart Your Cyber Security Career With Cambridge

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