Cyber and Network Security Job Titles & Salaries

Cyber and Network Security professional

As technology continues to evolve and grow, so do online threats. From malware to phishing scams, more cyber and network security professionals are needed to help keep data safe. 

All sorts of organizations and industries need skilled cyber and network security personnel, which means there are many different types of jobs available. Here we lay out a variety of roles that you can pursue, including each job’s roles, responsibilities and salary.

5 Sample Cyber and Network Security Job Titles & Salaries

The cyber and network security field has a large scope of job opportunities, from high-level roles to entry-level jobs. Some cyber security jobs may require a degree, while others may only require a certificate

Many employers ask for certain IT certifications, which demonstrate your abilities in technology. You can study for these certification exams on your own or prepare for them through an educational program.

Here are five job examples and their average salaries:

  1. Information Security Analyst: Every organization has data that needs to be protected, and that’s what you’ll help with as a security analyst. Job duties can include maintaining firewalls, testing antivirus software and providing recommendations for improved security. According to Glassdoor, the average salary in the US for this job is $89,900 per year.
  2. Digital Forensics Analyst: Being in digital forensics is all about solving puzzles. You’ll work on getting digital evidence that may be used for legal purposes, document data retrieval and work with law enforcement. The average annual salary for this role is $58,951.
  3. Cybersecurity Architect: This high-level role involves designing, building and implementing a company’s systems and network security. They often oversee a cybersecurity department and monitor daily operations. The average salary for this job title is $159,585 per year.
  4. Cryptographer: If you’re obsessed with code, then this could be the career for you. Cryptographers write and encrypt code to keep an organization’s data safe and secure. They may also hack encryption code to test its security. The yearly average salary for this career is $80,381.
  5. Ethical Hacker: Did you know hacking into a computer’s network can be ethical? Ethical hackers are in charge of testing an organization’s security systems by trying to hack into them. They then report their findings and make recommendations to strengthen security measures. The average annual salary for this role is $104,965.

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