Cambridge’s Leadership Speaking at Catholic University to Lumen Leadership Students!

Prior to Pope Francis’s arrival at Catholic University in September, Cambridge Institute’s CEO recently spoke at Catholic University to the Lumen Leadership Student Program. The attendees were mostly juniors in high school from around the United States. The Lumen Student Leadership’s Program is one of the finest in the United States for faith-based youth leadership best practices.

Cambridge’s CEO integrated into his leadership talk what he learned from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Lourdes, France trip and its approach with caring for the sick. The Lourdes pilgrimage was attended with nearly 7,000 Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta to help and care for malades (“the sick” in French).

The Lourdes trip’s takeaways were strong! This humbling experience of caring of others (the malades) is an important focus for Cambridge’s student-centered culture. The Order’s doctors and medical staff come from various backgrounds including internal medicine, radiology oncology, radiation therapy, registered nurses, licensed nursing practitioners and other healthcare related professionals.

Cambridge’s educational leadership benefits include being able to share with all of the healthcare program directors and faculty members these leadership techniques. Cambridge’s leadership wants the faculty to lead by example as we are developing young healthcare professionals into being great and caring people.

This type of Student Leadership sharing is another example of how Cambridge’s core culture embraces and helps others. Giving back is a centerpiece of our faculty’s healthcare leadership teachings and is part of Cambridge’s underlying values and foundation.