Cambridge Institute and the Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition Annual Mass Casualty Event Spring 2019

Cambridge Health

On April 11, 2019 approximately 100 nursing students and nursing faculty from our Associate Degree and Practical Nursing Programs participated in a Mock Mass Casualty exercise sponsored by the Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition.  This is an annual event in which 40 hospitals across eight counties participate in a role-playing simulation (highest fidelity) designed to prepare the healthcare staff for an actual mass casualty event.  Our students were sent to four of the 40 facilities including: Advent Health Altamonte, Advent Health Lake Mary, Oviedo Medical Center and Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital.

First thing in the morning, three Makeup Artists arrived on our school campus in the morning to prepare the students for their role as victims with life-like wounds, bruises and injuries.  The students were then transported to their assigned locations.  Next, they were directed to their stations with all students starting off in the Emergency Room to be triaged by the allocating coordinator.  From there, they were transported to units based their acuity (i.e. Intensive Care Unit).  If the nurses, during the simulation, did not correctly triage the patients (student actors) in a timely manner, the students would “die” and have to play dead. The student patients were then “discharged” from their units, one at a time, to a discharge room where their faculty chaperone was waiting.

While at Advent Health Altamonte Springs, the CEO, the COO and the Emergency Room Director of Nursing all came down and thanked the students for their participation and served them lunch.

This entire event was coordinated by our amazing Clinical Coordinator, Darlene Auguste in conjunction with the Coalition’s Director, Lynn Drawdy.  This was an amazing opportunity for our students to learn, network, connect with their community and positively represent themselves and our school.  We are already making preparations to attend next year’s event with the Coalition’s Director.