Medical Lab Tech Program

What to Expect After You Complete a Medical Lab Technician Program

What to Expect After You Complete a Medical Lab Technician Program

Medical lab technicians play a critical role in patient care. Through lab testing, they can help healthcare professionals find and diagnose medical conditions and diseases. Cambridge’s Medical Lab Technician program is a great way to jumpstart your career. What happens after you complete your program?

Optional Certification Can Showcase Your Skills

Additional certification isn’t a requirement after completing your program. Yet, many healthcare facilities prefer certification through the American Medical Technologists Association to prove your skills and knowledge of the field.

The certification involves taking an exam. If you pass, you’ll then be eligible for entry-level employment as a medical laboratory technician.

How to Find an Entry-Level Position as a Medical Lab Technician

Medical lab technicians work in a wide range of settings. For example, you can choose to work in a hospital, a specialty clinic or a long-term care facility. Any medical facility that requires lab testing will require medical lab technicians.

To find your first job, you can start by visiting job boards such as Indeed or Monster. You can also visit the websites of local healthcare facilities to check for job openings. We know this part of your job search can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

Careers Services by Cambridge

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is proud to support our students from their first day in class to their first day on the job. That’s why we have a helpful Career Services department to assist you with finding your perfect first job as a medical lab technician.

Our Career Services team is made up of experienced human resource professionals. They understand what employers look for in a candidate. And using that knowledge, they deliver insights to students who need a boost in their resumés and interview skills.

We also partner with local healthcare facilities that often request graduates from Cambridge. Through job placement, we can help you find open positions and deliver job leads to you as you need them.

What You’ll Do as a Medical Lab Technician

What will your day-to-day look like as a medical lab technician? Although your responsibilities will differ depending on where you work, your day will consist of testing lab samples. For example, you’ll use specialized equipment to test bodily fluids and tissue samples resting from biopsies.

You’ll also analyze results to record both normal and abnormal results. You’ll deliver these results to medical professionals who will use them to diagnose medical conditions.

Become a Medical Lab Technician Starting Today With Cambridge

Ready to become a medical lab technician? We’re here to help! To learn more about our Medical Laboratory Technician program or to get started today, call our team at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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